Sun on the Juno~Uranus midpoint

Sun on the Juno~Uranus midpoint

Meanwhile, not just the subject of marriage, but the word itself is being given a real good mince for its purist, purest definition. We’re hearing an opinion on everything from monogamous, polygamous, polyamorous, open relationships, domestic partnerships, fifo lovers, purely sextual, same-sex, no-sex , sun on the uranus, juno midpoint, sun juuno aspects, sun ruanus aspects, uranus juno aspects, juno asteroid, juno astrology, astrology aspectssex-only-on-his-birthday, sex only in her dreams, marriage of convenience, marriage of inconvenience, marriage that feels weird but isn’t – you know, the regular kind, where both partners are so straight that they become ostracised from others who consider them freakishly conventional…

In truth, let’s ask this: Does it really matter what the marital situation? As long as everyone is consenting, and nobody’s getting hurt, in July 2015, is it really anyone’s business to classify and rate who marries who, how and why?

Discuss, don’t disgust…


Originally Published ~ 10/07/2015

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