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Sun conjunct Jupiter

Sun conjunct Jupiter

In the Sun’s most exuberant time of the year, a grandiosely bloated cosmic influence engulfs the individualised life force, and over next few days brings an unrivalled confidence and conviction into our expression.

The impeccable exactitude of ‘Virgosity’ may seem impossible to ever accede to satisfy. Still, our brush with any worldly authority right now will seek to put meaning and purpose into our existence. Somehow we become fully aware of our specific place in this world, and we are encouraged to come totally clean about what it is we are here to do, after all. In this, we come to realise that we are perfect. Perfect for the part we have to play.

How well do you understand the physical dimensions, the poise and elegance of all your individual efforts here? Are you cognizant of how what you do as an individual fits into the greater picture… the master plan?

Those with planets in the early degrees (0-10°) of the mutable signs will be most personally affected by this overwhelming urge to define and to acclimatise themselves into the greater project.

Just know that you are a very special, very sophisticated part of a much bigger picture. You are not just an indifferent cog in some global machine. Understand, value and make the most of your unique contribution.

A caution with this, to exercise some humility and self control. The tendency to speculate or to overextend oneself can lead to a squandering or irresponsible behaviour, not to mention (with Neptune involved) the propensity to be deceived or deceive others that your part is somewhat more special or holier than that of others. That attitude goes against the spirit of what this is really all about.

The higher octave vibration of this beautiful transit is to help us tune directly into the quantum mechanics of ‘faith’ – that ‘certainty’ we feel that our narrow path is worthy, our conviction is unshakeable, despite the undermining odds, the doubters and the detractors.

Vibe with this, and be guided to proceed. Slowly but surely.

All eyes on the SUN.

Every time a huge flare erupts on the surface of the Sun, it is accompanied by some serious explosions of superheated solar plasma called coronal mass ejections (CMEs). These CMEs hit Earth, spawning geomagnetic storms powerful enough to disrupt radio signals, GPS communications and power grids. In short, they send systems into haywire.

They also mess with our own personal electromagnetic currents, messing up our entire inner GPS in relation to who the flaring ‘star’ is in our world.

The Sun’s applying conjunction to Jupiter this week (exact in 24 hours) also coincides with direct contact on the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto midpoint. In the past few days these very potent Sun transits have come with some tremendous solar flaring activity. The recent M-Class flare (8:33am BST on 24 August) has met with some devastating storm activity here on earth.

On a personal level, serious energetic downloads are being registered by those individuals who are sensitive to these. We are talking about ‘full system upgrades’ of the most progressive order into the underlying human operating system – our consciousness.

The rate of pace of our socio-philosophical trajectory is accelerating so greatly that many individuals are agog as how to completely process, or comprehend these sudden advances in psycho/spiritual understanding. Changes experienced since last weekend are as powerful as they are disruptive.

Many sudden flares are arising between us, particularly among those in authority.

These are set to amplify more and more over the next few days, to the point where things will bend and warp and become totally surreal to us all.

Brace yourselves, we are about to spiral down the rabbit hole…

And no – this is not your regular hallucinogenic trip. Things are about to go haywire in a whole multidimensional field.

[Hold your breath… Make a wish…Count to three…]

Originally Published ~ 27/08/2015

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