Sun in Cancer semi-square Jupiter in Leo

Sun in Cancer semi-square Jupiter in Leo

Some people take themselves just far too seriously. And they take others way too personally. And maybe they purport to be the great agents of evolution, revolution, change and transformation but the world is always stirring somehow and if you get a big head and assume this whole deal is about you then you will become broken. Time and time again, your arrogance will crush you.

This world is bigger than you.

Just keep that in perspective.

Sun in Cancer semi-square Jupiter in LeoTrue transformation only happens when we can look at ourselves with complete detachment and confront those inner demons and those clinging little hang-ups. Sometimes it’s best just to retreat from the incessant clamour of commercial distraction and those fake social ‘realities’.

Not until we can go deep inside and face up to that darkness, let go of all those attachments, that we can come to realise that this is not at all about ourselves.

At all.

This is about a much bigger program.
Nothing personal.

Originally Published ~ 28/06/2015

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