Mercury quincunx Uranus, opposition Chiron

Mercury quincunx Uranus, opposition Chiron

It’s bizarre really.

For all the freakish revelations funneling into your brilliant little gourd right now, all those richly varied, shuttling insights that are coming at you wildly from the higher dimensions of left field, you might just just wish to pause – just for a moment [breathe] – only to wonder, really, whether you are even capable of grasping the abstract complexity of some of these new concepts, let alone manage to articulately convey them out as clear and rational thoughts to others.

(Did you get that?)

In particular, we’re talking about whether you are able to shed any light on how we might introduce a new and innovative approach towards mastering our life’s work, our healing journey, our soul purpose.

It’s certainly not easy. Just getting our ideas across is going to take some crafting. But work with it…

With the Mercury opposition to Chiron we are seeking a holistic approach to solving a particularly earthy problem/ailment with which we are presented. In this instance, an alternative, perhaps more spiritual technique is required to unravel what appears to be a very physical dilemma.

Something needs to be defined in order for it to become refined. Some magic needs to happen for us to achieve a higher resonance but, in so many ways, we are so sceptical that magic even exists. It is our rational mind that we seeks to analyse it, pull it all apart.

Trying to tangibly grasp the fundamental theory behind time and its effects – not as a linear stream, but as an infinite, multi-layered affair is where this all begins (and ends).

Looking at cause and effect through a whole range of multifarious dimensions and experiences and how these impact the whole mind/body connection here (and now) is the magical point in our evolutionary history that we are fast approaching now. It all starts about now. It begins with good, healthy dialogue.

It is advisable to keep an open mind and remain balanced.

(with Angela Economakis)

As with-In, So with-Out. When the divine higher consciousness messages have been fully communicated, descrambled and encoded by our physical receivers: hearts, brains, synapses, neuro-endocrine systems, so will we finally be able to communicate our piece of it articulately to the outer world in passionate, effortless deliverance, in en-light-ened service to the collective.  What does this process demand?

Less trying, more surrender, greater allowance. Breathe. Higher consciousness and your multidimensional self have this covered.  

Get out of the way – stay healthy, balanced, meditate. Try to understand less with the limited rational mind until the download feels complete again.

What may feel new is the allowing and surrendering to a less familiar, non linear, ‘non scientific’ nature of information download, of the ‘enepnefsi‘ – the divine breath of inspiration. And when crystallized and recalibrated within, we can be the communicators of the new healing transmissions for all.  Not simply spoken, but energetically emanating in the world as an embodied breathing, innately pulsating, crystalline messenger of healing frequency.

Let go.   Embrace. Enjoy the ride. We’re in this together.


Originally Published ~ 20/08/2015

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