Mars sextile Uranus ~ semi-square Mercury

Mars sextile Uranus ~ semi-square Mercury

Something’s got to give. Things cannot go on like this.

Mars Sextile Jupiter, mars sextile Uranus, mars uranus aspect, mars uranus astrology, mars jupiter aspects, mars jupiter astrology, astrology readings, ang stoic,You try to sleep and it’s like waking every hour to find that you’re not sleeping at all…
like something has disturbingly entered your mental processes causing a warped distinction between your thoughts, reflections and your dreams. All very interesting but nothing really grabs you (yet).

The vessel is somewhat lacking – the mind is searching, the heart is unsettled, the spirit is not free.

And all that happens, and all that seems, now comes to fill us with a restless urgency to act.

To do something. Something else.


Originally Published ~ 9/06/2015

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