Ceres in Aquarius sextile the Full Moon

Ceres in Aquarius sextile the Full Moon

The universe, the stars, the planets, and our earth, -all aspects of nature, including you and me, are a complementation of the masculine and feminine poles. As well as the gradual evolution of human mental intelligence came the outward expression and innovations toward growth. The masculine expressive forces of desires, strife and assertion saw our lives and world progress exponentially from the industrial age, to the technological age, and now into the quantum age.

But has our feminine energy kept up with its opposite pole? Has our relentless growth been nurtured with wisdom, soul and heart? If this balance of basic polar energies is not honoured and maintained, if the masculine energies continue to dominate while stifling and controlling the divine cosmic dance with the feminine, our balance with nature cannot not be sustainable. It will eventually lead to break-down, self-destruction and annihilation.

We are already witnessing a constant state of global disarray in such phenomena as climate change, rising poverty, increasing violence and terror, depletion of our natural environment and resources, non-sustainability from rising global population, and the list goes on…

What direction are we heading as collective inhabitants on this planet? How long before we do an about face and look at restoring the inordinate injustice that threatens to wipe us out? Do we need a really good shake to make us realise we have completely denied the feminine?


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Originally Published ~ 3/06/2015

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