Neptune opposition Mars conjunct Jupiter

Neptune opposition Mars conjunct Jupiter

Did you notice? Everyone from queens and presidents to the fry-cooks and paperboys is talking ‘spiritual’ right now.

There is a frenzied fervour to go higher, higher, higher baby…

Even Obama called in the Pope for a ceremonial tune-up recently.

Anyway, at this time one can go too far with the assertion of one’s dreams, fantasies, magic and spiritual aspirations – particularly in their relationship to others.

If things do not stay somewhat grounded, they may well end in chaos and confusion. We seem quite charged to go a long, long way to meet our high ideals and claim our spiritual ascension, but please…
Just know that what goes up may also come down if not suspended firmly on good grounds.

Yes, totally aspire towards those unimaginable heights, realising those impossible beliefs – especially if you are the only one who can envision them. But stay grounded. Maintain a healthy, earthy discipline towards attaining those visions.

Keep your feet on terra firma. And, make the dream real.


Originally Published ~ 1/10/2015

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