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FULL MOON at 20°24′ SCORPIO, May 10, 2017, 9:43 UTC

And so…. it’s Full Moon time once again.

As with every Full Moon, we know we are at the point in our lunar calendar which commonly marks a climactic event whose nature is high-lighted, both daytime (Sun-consciously) and nighttime (Moon-reflectively). The theme is often related to a whole-hearted intention made two weeks earlier at the Taurus New Moon two weeks ago, when we first set our intention to get grounded; to re-constitute our heart and mind into our physical body.

This culminating (full) phase of the lunation cycle provides us the blessed opportunity to confront our personal matters head to head. By applying the full measure of conscious effacement with inner, emotional reflection, we come to determine whether a certain situation is being fruitful to us or not. Hence, we will either ‘reap those fruits’, or, in the Taurus sense – count our investment as being a sound and securing one, often validated with a gesture that something has matured; or otherwise may see what no longer serves us and decide to end the affair (end our investment).

When the Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun, the central themes are commonly around what we have in contrast to what we desire from others. The polarity is about constructiveness vs. destruction; placidity vs. emotional rage; stability vs. crisis; security vs. meltdown.

Let’s unpack this a little bit:

With the fixed, earthy Taurus Sun diametrically opposite the fixed, watery Scorpionic Moon, there is no hiding now. Being of a fixed nature, there is little or no flexibility for bending around the key themes. It’s make or break time. Through much intense reflection and effacement, we are pressed to define in rigid, non-negotiable terms what conditions we choose. The Taurus Sun wants to see commitment and stability. Does his Moon have what it takes? Does the Sun stand by what it gives?

We find out when she stands fully before him…

Generally, Full Moons have the effect of making us exceptionally emotional. In this event, being in the intensely passionate sign of Scorpio, ’emotional’ might be an understatement. Scorpio’s fixity in water means they tend to hold on to feelings like no other. “Still waters run deep” is the cliché, most likely coined to try to explain the way the Scorpion moves. It likes to store e-motions; bury them; deep beneath the surface; brood and relish upon them in secret, sequestered place where nobody else can see. Scorpio gets a certain satisfaction from dealing with emotional energy, just like Taurus does with dealing with material things and money.

When the Moon is held to account by the earthy simpleness of the Taurus Sun, feelings of great depth and extremely intense magnitudes are being brought to light. This is not often a pleasant for the Scorpionic Moon, who likes to keep her feelings private. As this deep, inner world now becomes exposed, rampant, previously unveiled feelings are brought to the table, begging for some discussion which has the power to provide some much needed insight into hidden motives. Against Taurus, our instincts are invariably around what we need to nourish some inner insecurity, either through financial, practical or physical resources. These ‘motives’, or feelings to control and manipulate the physical world in order to feed our emotional well-being are either manageable or they are out of control. Scorpio Full Moon events can serve to highlight where we become fixated or addicted. Raw, unprocessed emotions are usually behind destructive or self-sabotaging habits. When these become triggered, powerful urges and designs, previously hidden may erupt uncontrollably forcing a crisis. In the extreme, these urges have the potential to be quite catastrophic, as the earthy solid nature of Taurus, who is capable of enduring all kinds of extreme weather may choose to no longer supply us with the goods to do harm.

Ultimately, with any Full Moon, it is the heart versus the mind.

The Taurus Sun commands his worth, which comes from knowing with certainty the value of where he chooses to invest his energy: in his relationships, material things, physical property, intellectual assets, marketable ideas, tradable skills and talents etc – anything that can be secured, considered of practical use, that will enhance the quality of enjoyment of life and enrich the quantity of our reserves so that they can stay sustainable.

What do you value?

The Scorpio Moon seeks security through vested interest. She may obtain this by using her cunning ability, her naturally dazzling allure to garner, sniff out, sequester and manage/exploit the resources of another. Her natural instinct is always to skillfully control and manipulate what others value most by engaging her innately keen measuring device to estimate others’ net worth. She then employs her canny knack for transforming something very basic and raw into a highly viable, tradable commodity.

What qualities do you value most in others?

Of course, her security is tied to her reverential fear of loss, abandonment and betrayal, even death. She needs to protect her interests with ferocious intensity. This Full Moon axis highlights where we might apply our fiercest, most extreme survival tactics to stay securely in the race; struggle to gain possession at all costs; fight tooth and nail to stay in the game, prosper and procreate. Of course, in desperate times we may behave in wild and ruthless ways. Underneath it all there is an emotional vulnerability. The Scorpio Moon is most prone to emotional hurt, and as such (ruled by Pluto – now in sextile) is vulnerable to becoming possessed by extreme moods which, whilst they mean to protect, can quite easily bring us completely undone in their perverse extremity. We all have an emotional breaking point, and the full moon in this sign can often press us to reach and unleash that, particularly when the supply of what we treasure most is under threat.

What would you fight most fiercely to protect in your life, even if it killed you?

It is with this extreme set of emotions that we come to assess our decisive position this month. How much of what you receive from others do you come to expect should always be there? When we demand things, we are also liable to react in ruthless, extreme ways to ensure that we get them. When we do not receive the things we expect, especially when we are most emotionally vulnerable, we may become possessed by dark moods, spells of jealousy and fits of emotional rage.

If you are feeling extreme reactions to matters lately, these are merely instinctive impulses that your relationship (to person, thing or idea) is subject to gross emotional insecurities. This very critical lunation often augurs the onset of a relationship breakdown.

[art: Anna Roberts, Into the Night]
[art: Anna Roberts, Into the Night]
Ultimately, no relationship can endure the toxic, decaying emotional paralysis that is held to ransom by the highly manipulative emotions of expectation (demands), jealousy and possessiveness. At some point these become toxic and unwelcome, and to be stung by any (or all) of these venomous pricks could mean a slow, silent but certain death once their poison enters the bloodstream of a relationship. It is nature’s built-in obsolescence against fixation, lack of trust and inability to just let something just ‘be’.

Possessiveness comes in only when we invite the fear of losing something. If we have assumed that we ‘own’ something that appears to be slipping away from our clutches, this will lead to nagging and destructive criticism. Eventually the joy in the relationship will disappear completely because the sense of freedom is gone.

Expectations soon become limiting and unreasonable and when they are no longer able to be met ultimately result in disappointment.

Jealousy is the debilitating sensation of inadequacy in a relationship that generally arises when we compare our own worth to that of a third party. This ultimately leads to the crippling fear that we may be ignored, abandoned, humiliated or unloved. Wherever there is jealousy, toxic drama and disharmony follows. This eventually spoils any chance of building true intimacy or trust.

The Moon, is by dignity in its fall in Scorpio. This is a volatile position if emotions cannot be kept in check. Pitted opposite the very staid and stable Taurus Sun, it means that the very object of our physical desire challenges and holds these emotions up to be examined. Issues of emotional attachment, fixations and addictions that feed our psychological insecurities are points that we must learn to see, transmute and transform.

Own any negative feelings. See how powerfully they can take over and ruin your chances of stability and peace.

Instead of continuing to feed negative, distrustful thoughts with negative emotions, focus on the word TRUST. Re-iterate that word in your mind. Understand that a lack of trust is just a feeling of insecurity about your own self-worth – not the truth.

See how this lunar moment highlights where you must detach yourself from any expectation and possessiveness in your personal affairs. Slowly you will come to a place where your anger, rage, hatred, jealousy, suspicion, denial, secrecy, separation anxiety, and feelings of horror about being abandoned or betrayed eventually subside and the answer to your situation will appear.

Holding on to what has hurt us in the past places us at the mercy of missing what it has taught us. Similarly, if all we learned was to hold onto grudges; seek revenge; never let go or show compassion; judge others as good or evil; be suspicious or spiteful; stay on emotionally on edge, waiting to inflict some harm, then we become stuck in the lower, vicious cycle of Scorpio. The universe does not present us with emotional conflict in order to block access to your heart. The universe provides us with the opportunity to open it. It is through our powerful emotional investments that we learn to develop compassion, learn to listen patiently, understand lovingly – not through suspicion, demandingness and wild speculation but through practicing empathy and developing ways for non-violent conflict resolution. Here is an opportunity, through our patient, loving, compassionate communication to see how successfully we can turn any emotional conflict into a spiritually transformative experience

Understand that there is a difference between needing someone to ‘change’ and instinctively ‘receiving’ those with whom you share some mutual investment. Accepting things as they are allows you to find the truest method to show your appreciation and demonstrate how you are willing to grow and mature with them.

This is the simple, yet intense lesson of this Scorpio Full Moon.

Enjoy the wonderful gifts showered upon you by this blessed full moon xx

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  1. I wish I had read this a few days ago, before I allowed my emotions to get out of control and my mistrust and insecurities ruin everything.

  2. Did the same thing, but I feel it was a mecessary change because the truth about that relationship was self evident & due to it’s destruction upon trying to discuss it, it was not meant to move forward with me into this next phase …. had it been “meant to be” the story & the outcome would have been different .. trust♡

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