Cosmic Bus Lunation Report (episode #2019) – Scorpio Full Moon

In this episode, aired on Tuesday, May 5 at 01:00 UTC, Ang discusses:

  • seeds from February's inferior conjunction coming to fruition
  • the clarity of current superior conjunction
  • Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter retrograde: reflecting on the values of our system/society
  • the imaginary world of the Venus/Neptune square
  • the soul-dissociation of Uranus/Neptune semisquare
  • the Scorpio Full Moon: confronting our worth in context to our environment, highlighting our insecurities, neediness, death
  • the Moon cycles during 1st year of life
  • the extreme emotions of Moon in Scorpio people
  • the story of the "Buddha Moon"
  • questioning who's holding all the wealth, coming to a crisis
  • the sustainability of our creative solar centre
  • the Moon's link to our ancestral ties and the environment into which we were born
  • Mars in Aquarius squaring Scorpio Full Moon
  • Universal Basic Income & our Taurean sense of well-being
  • the new reality of Saturn in Aquarius
  • our relationship to the supernatural & demons in the modern world
  • Pluto in Capricorn and the obsession with status, facing the worthlessness of that status
  • and many more Astro tidbits...

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