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Sun in Aquarius

moon in aquarius, air signs moon, aquarian moon, astrology moon, aquarius astrologySUN = To express oneself (authority)
FIXED = By holding (organisational)
AIR = Intellectually (mental)

‘To express oneself by holding, intellectually’ may suggest an individual who promulgates his views in a rigid manner. We generally know Aquarians to be quite progressive and humanitarian, but we never really consider that their utopian thoughts and opinions are essentially drawn from their dissatisfaction with current conditions with which they have a ‘mind to fix things once and for all’. And because they operate from the cool modality of AIR, they are primarily emotionally detached about the way they go about things.

WATER BEARER = Carrier of water (emotion) without getting wet (getting emotional themselves).

Which kinda explains why they’re so futuristic. They have no real sentiment or attachment to the way things are unless they serve their highly utopian ideals. Somewhere along their journey they have noticed one thing – that although things function as they do, there are inherent inadequacies, inefficiencies and inequities in the current system. They observe how in that system either themselves, or someone very similar to them is somewhat disadvantaged or excluded from sharing in the benefits.

Could be they missed out for being poor, or being black, or being a girl… or simply just for being different in some obvious way. In any such instance, the Aquarian has had an intellectual aversion to such disqualifications on the basis of a quality that is inherently unchangeable. So what do they do? They set out to change the system itself. They figure that any system that excludes members on the grounds of a fundamental characteristic which they cannot do anything about needs to be reformed to be more inclusive. So their brilliant, inventive minds go to work immediately, their thought processes spinning at lightning pace, revolution after revolution until they come up with the perfect argument to make a change.

It is this principle that turns Aquarians into the great reformers, inventors, revolutionaries, freedom fighters and civil libertarians that they ultimately become. At the very least, they make great friends to have because they will almost always include you and share with you equally whatever they have.

And I say almost.

There are the exceptions. Being of ‘fixed mind’ they may become equally exclusive if they have deemed you to be the very basis of any ideologically regressive conduct. Aquarians, in all their hopefulness for a brighter, more inclusive universe, take particular affront to those other fixed types who don’t see things their way – those conservatives who seek to keep things as they are (Taurean) or those who seek to control things for their own means (Scorpionic). And though they have a particular disdain for those who hold a sense of special entitlement (Leonine), they are, none-the-less fascinated and intrigued as to how they can persuade those with strong, individual integrity to act much more respectfully within a group dynamic, where all members are preferably treated as having equal rights.

Ultimately Aquarius is a social sign. It thrives on networking and forming groups that are about progress and reform through the democratic exchange of ideas. They identify largely through their subscription to ideologies, clubs and forums, so long as they get to play a very significant role in being the proponents of the ideology or ethos of that group. Since they get to play the spokesperson for the great leap forward, Aquarians are instrumental in the induction of our species into the next golden age.

So, for the next 30 days, let’s celebrate to our Aquarian friends!


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