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Greetings Cosmic travellers, and welcome to you who have recently joined us on our wonderful journey here on the Cosmic Bus. Of course, this is already shaping up to be quite phenomenal year, and since the Aries Equinox (March) the shift in frequency at which we are now resonating – both within and without -is starting to reflect directly upon the erratic spikes and ever-increasing base note of our dear mother earth. Like the climate itself, events between us are starting to heat up. Spiritually, we are about to experience a definite shift too. Listed here are links to full, Tribe-exclusive reports on how this shift affects you.

First, let us see how the shift affects us all over the 18 months of its duration: As the North Node shifts into Leo on May 10, 2017, the evolution of human consciousness enters a period where it faces a formidable struggle to connect and align to its individual wills and collective willpower. The Nodes (North and South) recede progressively through the zodiac, showing us how we connect to one another on a karmic level in order to expedite our own inner, spiritual journey, as well as that of the collective. Their extraordinary capacity to pull/push us towards greater self-understanding and to embrace pressing themes in our evolutionary development as humans, also assists the greater unfoldment in the evolution of the universal Soul.

In this Leo/Aquarius part of our journey we become destined to explore the virtues of developing our individual INNER STRENGTH and building an AUTONOMY. Conditions between us conspire in such ways, that throughout these next 18-months we are continuously met with challenges and lessons on how to best walk this path alone, without the crutch of society to prop us up. By the end of this period we will finally learn that for our society to improve, it has to stand upon the merits and the inner strength of the fully empowered individual.


External events in connection to those around us begin to ‘force’ every individual forward, either to learn how best to operate from one’s inner strength for the purposes of improvement, or to become hopelessly left behind. Those who lag in the evolutionary stakes become lost, like insignificant particles in the sea of indifference among the crowd, where they will struggle to stay latched on to a crumbling collective identity; a soon-to-be defunct ‘society’ that eventually fails to acknowledge, honour and celebrate the individual’s uniqueness.

For all its utopian idealism, Aquarius feels cold and cruel to all those who fail to keep up with society’s progress and effervescent diversity. Society, and its ‘democratic’ or ‘socialist’ forms of governance are being revealed now as concepts that are largely dysfunctional. The more social systems try for equity and equality, the more they serve to marginalise and exclude the individual’s speciality and expertise. Wide exploitation of human services, and the automation of many processes slowly diminishes the need for ‘masters’ in any profession, whether it be in the fields of science, humanities or arts. Threatened too are the age-old superiority complexes based on gender, class, age, religion, nationality, sexuality or colour of skin. Nothing is above any other. Equality of importance has become the great leveller of egos. Of course, those ignorant to this could pine for a world of isolationism and patriotic nationalism.

However, this ‘banding together’ is not supported during this period. This is not a time for slouching or taking a free ride upon the welfares, charities and tributes supported on the backs of others, or on the collective. Through NN in Leo, every one must earn their keep in order to maintain their sense of autonomy. Those who assume that they can just go with the flow; band together like sheep simply risk being lead to the slaughter by those who rise to the top of their game with the determination to dominate and prevail in their own right.

Leo is king of the jungle. Whilst he respects all others who stand in their own sense of sovereignty, s/he is conversely intent on feeding off those who straggle along the perimeters – the complacent, sluggish and hapless followers of the herd simply become the fodder that they ‘mighty’ will prey upon. Such is the evolutionary law of survival. ‘Survival of the fittest’ means that the more creative, authoritative and dynamic – those who stand closest to the centre of their circle – shall remain and most certainly rule in an increasingly tighter race. Those on the outer become collateral or fuel.


During this 18-month Nodal period, there is little sympathy being meted out to those who fail to show up and demonstrate some degree of individual flair and originality. There is no ‘safety in numbers’ here; Leo considers anyone adopting the ‘herd mentality’ as declaring a sort of inherent weakness or inability to stand on one’s own merit.

Either on compassionate grounds, or out of utter disdain, the ferocious Lion won’t spend too much time feeling sorry for those s/he sees as being lame, unoriginal or creatively stunted souls, who band together in attempt to prop and bolster one another’s overall incompetence. Alliances of the weak and ineffectual become particular targets in Leo’s crosshairs to eliminate competition.

Those grazing on the leftovers or surplus at the perimeter of the circle will be easily and systematically picked off by the lion as prime targets, exploited only for their ‘meat’.

Somehow, during this period – and it must be pointed out that there will be times of incredible stress to those groups, societies and cultures that are struggling throughout this – the support & welfare from friends, allies and communities simply won’t be there as once was expected. Nature does not want this now. The universe wants people to learn to carry their own karmic junk, process it bravely and courageously by themselves, even if they have to endure long periods of loneliness and isolation.

The only real, authentic security will come from learning how to tap into the self, find the impetus for their uniqueness and put one’s greatest talents to work. It’s time to generate one’s own power and prestige without the support network of the group to applaud them. The inspiration will be there. The emotional pity and rallying assistance will not. Aquarius has the qualities of becoming aloof and detached when not feeling received or under threat, veering off into inconsiderate, cold or loner type behaviour.


Ultimately, when the mind is made up, there’s not much that’s going to sway it from playing out its chosen destiny. However, we must learn that any detachment or isolation that we are about to experience is just a self-imposed prerequisite for gathering strength.

If we are at all capable of showing any leadership in our lives, we must first learn to get over any doubts we carry within ourselves. Our constant incessant urge to connect to friends and social networks begins to significantly weaken us during this Leo North Node period. We find that ‘friends’ do little through this time to build our individual confidence. The whole thing becomes a cheap and shallow exercise in feeding the false-self with hollow encouragement.

It is time for us to learn how to become more goal-oriented rather than following our accustomed tendency to dissipate our energies into activities that constantly seek the approval from our social crowd. The interesting thing is, that while we continue to think we need others to listen to our problems; show us encouragement; answer our questions… we rarely ever take their advice.

Of course, the friends we do make through this period will start to emerge from all walks of life. In the mundane sense, this enhances our social/cultural range tremendously. On a deeply spiritual level, our friends have the power reawaken our souls to any awarenesses that we may have carried over from former incarnations.

Insights that we re-member through our connection to kindred spirits have indeed been earned by our souls, now rekindled by our more deeply selective social mingling. Once our collective dream becomes reawakened, the road ahead towards success is filled with greater co-operative and co-creative efforts by our chosen circle.

These become the friends and social set we always needed – not ones who lean and siphon upon our energy; but honour and support our greatest potential. Where friends are concerned, we deserve the best and we will not settle for anything less. Much of our energy with friends is invested towards creating a brighter future. We are so caught up in the illusion of living there, that we are scarcely ever in the present tense together. By the end of this 18-month Nodal period many of us snap into the realisation that today is actually yesterday’s tomorrow and that nothing can exist in the future that is not actively being created now.


During the Nodal Shift into the fixed Leo/Aquarius axis we may initially become not the easiest of people to understand, let alone work with. In fact, we will do anything to maintain, even stress our own sense of individuality upon others.

This phenomenon, which starts local and soon becomes global, quickly develops into a dissociation or detachment – first from those who try to dictate their terms to us: loved ones; family; social circles… then gradually from the majority of the world.

We do whatever it takes for us to feel free to go our own way.

Progressively we start to take greater pride in being unique and different, caring less and less for the traditions of society. The tendency is more and more towards following whatever rules we choose to set up for ourselves.

Of course socially, there may be difficult, perhaps even dangerous ramifications to all this. Since we are each somehow affected, increasingly wanting to be who we want to be without compromise or regard for the opinions of the collective, the main challenge that societies will face – at least in the initial few months of this transit – is how to control those individuals or groups that most wilfully challenge established order and convention. Without some degree of limitations or discipline, individual energies become directed into contrary, useless, even destructive actions or projects. Force may be necessary to bring those who insist on having things their way, at the expense of others. Counter-force meets counter-force, until the mightiest come out trumps.

On an evolutionary level, it is not until we realise that nobody has the right to lord it over us with an iron will that we begin to really get somewhere. If we build on the lessons gained from history, where we see that dictatorships and rule by totalitarian force have never succeeded in creating a utopia, having only lead to the suppression of the individual spirit, and the freedom and will to be creative, we will learn much. we has a great ability to do something for the human race for we is capable of depersonalising our actions for the good of all mankind.


Much will transform for us as we learn to temper our tendency to ‘overpower’ into an ability to ‘oversee’ what our society needs.

It’s about taking command (not demand) over those areas where there is unfair or inequitable treatment, both towards individuals, groups and communities and towards managing our planet’s well-being. Though lessons hard-fought and learned, we come to develop a talent for creating greater sustainability, freedom, and happiness for all creatures of earth’s ecosystem.

Leo is the proud, benevolent King and rules best when making responsible decisions that will ensure the prosperity and well-being of all inside his kingdom. This can only be achieved by putting PRINCIPLES in place that are so unshakable that everyone feels like they are an important contributor towards the co-creation of something solid and unilaterally sustainable.

By the end of this will-defining passage of our evolutionary journey (Nov 2018), we WILL each reach a place where personally applied principles start to affect the well-being and equanimity of the entire spectrum of our experience. We become highly responsive to any situation that tries to promote itself or rule over others with inequity and disrespect for any being, whether social, biological, ecological or geological.

Life on earth becomes focused on a specific, universal goal: To create a healthy balance between expressing ourselves with greater personal independence without compromising the social freedoms of others and the equilibrium of our ecosystem’s creatures and its natural resources.

At it height, this Leo North Node period will push us beyond all limits.
There will be those who will continue to clump together. Noisily, resistantly they will rally on the outward premises of “fairness and equality for all” whilst internally they are only trying to protect their personal inadequacies and insecurities, all the while fanning the flames of separation, duality and war.
Then there will be others who try to shut down those protesters and the detractors, the renegades and martyrs; bulldozing all attempts at revolt; dismissing those who challenge the system as mere kooks and crackpots and misguided fools.
Q: Will there not be those who continue to violate the greater good for the service of their own selfish needs?
A: Of course this will always be a major trapping for humanity. Those self-absorbed individuals who wish to further their personally prosperity at the expense of others. They will try to manipulate and exploit the current framework of a fast-expiring social order in order to legislate and rule in ways that are self serving and divisive.
Meanwhile, man of us here are ushering the dawning of a new world. It is the world where we sense ourselves becoming ever more capable of making profoundly courageous decisions about how to deal with what was once an established culture, tradition, social structure.
As we each start to explore our individual power as creators, capable of contributing something completely unique toward the greater plan, we begin also to share a common fascination in the infinity of possibilities that humans can provide for one another. Similarly, we are just as commonly offended by those who fail to co-operate, who choose to wallow and take pity in how their 3D world of self-imposed limitations has let them down, especially since we have learned to improve our situation by your own efforts, without any help from other people.
This 18-month evolutionary period sees humanity celebrate the individual. One who aspires to stand tall, on their own merits, and not stand to be demeaned or ridiculed for their beliefs and inner convictions. Leo rules the heart, so where our capabilities are generated and driven from our inner core, the rest of us is not too far beneath the surface. Overcoming facile pursuits for fleeting glories and momentary fascinations; superficial accolades that keep throwing us off the track will bring us closer to the core of our true being. And so, as we each come to identifying with our own unique achievement, we also come closer to gauging the extent of our true worth.
In the context of all our efforts comes the need for others to recognise and admire our remarkable achievements. Society becomes necessary only as a framework for the individual to be able to express their freedom. Naturally, in this we wish to uphold justice, and show our mercy to those who can admit that they are wrong. A sense of fair play is imperative to honour and esteem, a place of true pride in that we managed to play, fight, compete in any venture that is fair and does not involve foul play. Nor would we ever strike when a person is down.
The most important key here is one where, after an 18-year lull, the world is ready for new leadership. The key to leadership is that of self-control, particularly where mastery of pride is critical. This is something far more difficult than most other qualities of the ego. To subdue the anger of the wild lion is far more difficult than to to defeat than the greatest wrestler. The warning with these nodes is that if one cannot swallow their pride, they cannot lead effectively.


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