About You

You have been blessed with a unique gift. 

We have each come into this world on a journey to discover, explore and finally master our own unique purpose.

It is only in knowing this that we are able to experience a life that is abundantly rewarding, rich with creativity and love.

Yet, during our more challenging moments it may seem hard to remember that there is any meaning behind the more difficult struggles that we face. We often make the mistake of comparing our happiness to the relative fate of others. But you are like no other. You are most unique. Your journey towards self-understanding, the joys and struggles you face, and ultimately, your attainment of self-mastery, are all unique to you.

Through its ingenious inception, the universe ensures there are no repetitions in the space/time continuum. Each entity is here to serve its special part in the greater scheme. Humans are the most intelligent, yet the most easily confused about their place under this Sun. It is our tendency to compare ourselves with others that creates problems for us locally.

Ang Stoic uses the horoscope to powerfully divine into and define your own individual condition. He translates the complex language of astrology into terms which are immediately familiar, and into scenarios which are intimately yours.

It is only when we can clearly and impartially identify what is going on in our lives that we are able to make better decisions about the opportunities and challenges that come our way.

Employ the use of astrology, one of the oldest known crafts, to help you explore your own life dynamics, and gain a glimpse of the greater road-map of your own unique journey to assist you with your own inner guidance. 


  1. Thank you for inviting me to your page here in tsu.
    Love to read your ‘scopes.

  2. i love me some Ang!!!

  3. Like the energy in your writing

  4. Finally got in :))) yey !!

  5. Thank you for accepting me

  6. Love your posts

  7. Thank you for the Invitation .

  8. Thank you Ang for accepting me on this page. I’ve read so many of your posts on fb an get a lot out of them. I look forward to many more. An I’m thinking of getting a reading off you. I think it would help me as I’m a bit all over the place at the moment. Up an down. Can’t get the balance as so much going on. Could you let me know how much this would cost. Much appreciated. ❤️✌?️?Always c

  9. If one is to scoop and glean for only a handful of astrologers, Ang Stoic is one of the rare gems.

  10. I think you are a wonderful and talented man. Thank you for helping so many.

  11. Love your Shit ALWAYS !!!

  12. ? You truly are a sexy angel with some of the most seductively brutal honesty & oxymoronically fluttering gentleness I’ve felt…,ever! Bless you Ang, & THANKYOU??

  13. I am so eager to continue on this journey….
    and very grateful you’re a part of the guiding light.

    • Hi Lisa, please be sure to join us on the Cosmic Tribe, there is good, grounded, ongoing support, weekly providing deeper analysis and helpful tools and guidance on dealing with the current shift.

  14. Finally In Again Ang Stoic !!!

  15. Thank you ?????

  16. Indeed.
    ( Struggle and Emerge – Lakker )

  17. Love the way you write Ang! You are so on point all of the time that it is sometimes just plain freaky or should I say “Cosmic.” I appreciate the indepth approach with what to expect on both a personal & global level. Thank you my friend! Namaste.

  18. Wooohooo!

  19. Thank you… Looking forward to exploring with you ❤️

  20. Wonderful wisdom. So happy I found us both.

  21. Thank you! Much love.


  22. Heard your plea. On board. Inspire me with your words. Amen.

  23. Mahalo nui loa (Big Thanks) for offering your Gift to All. I will soon be a paying subscriber, after I receive a check? I really love your style of Readings and always glean lots of helpful information.

  24. Just signed up. We are going thru the hell of Trump here in the Washington DC area and I came upon this site. So comforting and crazy beautiful to look at. Many thanks and apologies for mentioning pols. Looking for peace and release.

  25. IndigoSoulDaydreamer

    That’s beautiful.

  26. Thank u a Ange love all ur posts fantastic sending love n light ❤️?

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