Astrology of Now

November, 2020

  • 14 November

    Jupiter/Pluto conjunct Pallas Athena

    Ok, here we go, peeps, this is it, now When power begets more power and absolute power gets out of control... It always ends in tears, for fears that it's impossible to tell who is the real narcissist and who is fighting for his sovereignty.

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  • 12 November


    Kindness means more than simply giving. It means cooperating with others. The greatest act of kindness is to look beyond the weaknesses and mistakes of others, helping them to recognise their innate value, to see themselves as worthy.

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  • 11 November

    Mercury on the Saturn/Uranus: The Rally for Social Resistance

    MERCURY's stationing on an exact square to SATURN (Nov 1-6) brought on a raft of serious realisations that not only hit home in an ego-shattering way, but we're about to learn the consequences of being too stubbornly tied to traditional ways of thinking.

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  • 10 November

    Virgo Moon crossing Neptune/Nodes (Denial River)

    The Virgo Moon will try to winnow some healthy orderliness back into our lives using the earth-trines to Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto to cut out "the crap".

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  • 10 November


    Such is the fear and loathing among us, that our common vexations appear to be the main thing uniting us. Problem is, whichever side you're on - you think you are the one being oppressed.

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  • 9 November

    Pathways to the Reconstruction: THE WEEK AHEAD – Nov 9-15

    Well, the US election came but, as it appears, is not exactly gone. As the harshly critical Saturn/Pluto conjunction now prepares to be joined by the judicious Jupiter, the level of fanaticism around the deconstruction of our systems of governance, law, religiosity and moral certitude is only increasing.

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  • 8 November


    The MOON's entry into our playfully indulgent Leo side has already received a shocking 'coming-down-to-earth' slap across the puss from URANUS in Taurus...

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  • 7 November


    MARS is now stationing and after two months in retrograde will turn direct at 15°♈14' next Friday. His quincunx to the SUN today comes as the MOON forms a cardinal grand cross against JUPITER/SATURN/PLUTO, MERCURY (also SD) and ERIS.

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  • 6 November


    Moon is finally out of the voluble Gemini and currently in volatile, vulnerable Cancer. Over the next 24-36 hours, Luna forms all kinds of harsh, cardinal contacts across several planets.

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  • 4 November

    Mini Scopes for Pisces and Taurus

    Yay Pisces! The intergalactic transmissions coming through your ruler, Neptune are opening up a higher morality which you may easily convey through your capacity to articulate the one wholistic vision for humanity.

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