Astrology of Now

April, 2020

  • 2 April

    From Capricorn to Aquarius: Cosmic Bus Excerpt

    What is this darkness, now conspiring at the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius?

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  • 2 April


    Trying to cope gracefully with an uncomfortable situation when these clueless assholes on TV keep putting out their dictatorial attitude is really fucking irritating.

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  • 1 April


    Remember when CONTROL first issued the smartphone?

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March, 2020

  • 31 March

    Age of Aquarius: Cosmic Bus Excerpt

    Of course, the exciting thing about what's going on during this earth-crumbling moment is that our economies will abruptly shift onto a more level playing field.

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  • 30 March

    Total Enforcement of Social Controls… THE WEEK AHEAD: 30 Mar-05 April

    So this is it now. The world of this virus pandemic, the social-distancing, self-quarantining, flattening the curve and all the strange new things we have to deal with in our ever more cloistered and socially-confined new lives. How long does this go on? When and how will this end?

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  • 26 March

    SunΧείρων 05°22′ Aries

    Oh dear, sweet Universe, please give me the strength to hold myself together here...

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  • 24 March

    CLOCK STRIKES 11 (in the prelude to MARS/SATURN)

    It's going to take some persuasion. Even when the clocks of doomsday have been chiming loudly, every hour upon the hour, humans continue now, at the eleventh hour to willfully ignore the signs that something's coming to a close.

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  • 23 March

    Brave New World: THE WEEK AHEAD: Mar 23-29

    'Intense' hardly cuts it. This is perhaps one of the most intense weeks ever, and on the back of the Vernal Equinox, it becomes the crucial tipping point for a brave new reality - when day slowly descends to night, and night vanishes into day...

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  • 21 March


    If blaming other people for our poor choices doesn't add up, then blaming the systems, governments and institutions for the world's current shit state is also bad math.

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  • 20 March

    SUN at 29° PISCES

    This is very much the end of a year. Say goodbye. Say it like you mean it. You have moved a great deal forward since this time last year. Even the last six months have been phenomenal. Years are not like they used to be. Even months... or weeks. Weeks like this last one, for instance. Everything keeps changing.

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