Astrology of Now

June, 2020

  • 25 June

    All planets except MARS and URANUS in retro as Venus Stations… Caught Gathering

    As all other planets except MARS and URANUS are in retrograde, VENUS stations to go …

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  • 24 June

    …on MARS Leaving Pisces: How much more can you bear?

    Do you sometimes wonder why the person you love and know so well is strangely …

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  • 23 June

    Emerging Anew – THE WEEK AHEAD (Jun 22-28)

    This is shaping up to be quite a year. In the wake of the shadow cast on this earth by arguably the most potent North Node eclipse of our times, we are ready to emerge anew.

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  • 22 June

    Neptune Retrograde – The Impossible Dream

    One thing about humans is that their lives are filled with stories. We think in stories rather than facts, data, numbers and equations because stories are soothing to our soul and embellish our otherwise cruel and mundane existence on this physical plane.

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  • 21 June


    It is Solstice. The Sun is at 00° Cancer, what astrologers call "the World Axis" (0° Cardinal signs). In just a few hours, the Moon will pass before the Sun, obscuring his majestic glow, all but for a bright ring of fire (corona) around his edges.

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  • 18 June


    It takes lifetimes, entire generations of shielded hand-me-down care for a fine vase to become a valued piece of cultural antiquity. It takes all but a second for it to be shatterred and worthless.

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  • 17 June


    Don't be too surprised when sophisticated robots and computer algorithms soon start to drive humans entirely out of the job market. With growing automation, all wealth and power is quickly becoming consolidated by a small group of elites who govern over the all-powerful algorithm companies, already producing unprecedented social and political inequality.

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  • 15 June

    Total Eclipse of the Heart: THE WEEK AHEAD: Jun 15-21

    There is no way to separate what's true and what's not among those who are easily lead, and the choice to turn off rather than to try to listen to all sides becomes a major hurdle. It is a perplexing conundrum, and this week challenges us at the core of our existence - our sense of safety and security.

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  • 13 June

    PLUTO IN CAPRICORN (2008-2024)

    It's no secret. PLUTO in Capricorn (2008-2024) is slowly disintegrating all structures. Nothing is permanent but the pure light of self-emanating stars...

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  • 12 June


    When MARS/NEPTUNE squares the SUN, be on the lookout for those energy vamps, those , psychically fixing to sap your creative ideas and suck out your abundant vitality.

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