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photo by Vanessa Allen
photo by Vanessa Allan

“Growing up in a remote village as a young boy I would always ponder the stars at night. There was nothing more fascinating than the rich illuminating canopy of the starry skies above. As I grew into adulthood I would soon suspect a greater connection between the stars and our mundane existence here on earth. My curiosity grew into a wondrous inquiry, and eventually the magical language of the stars became my fully devoted study. In the years to follow I would be blessed to encounter some very inspiring teachers in this craft, each imparting their own unique style. Eventually I became motivated to explore my own individual style, drawn from a combined study in symbolism, mythology, psychology, history, social culture, the use of meditative reflection and intuitive imagination.

Although I had also pursued a varied career through more earthy vocations, my interest in the influence of stellar events upon mundane life would always be the basis of my underlying journey. I was finally encouraged by my closest friends to practice the art of astrology as a personal consultant and coach. That was almost 20 years ago, and though I inconspicuously took the craft into some otherwise very conservative realms, astrology would invariably become the underlying basis of the everyday language that I chose to help me make sense and bring into perspective the life I was experiencing.

It is now time to introduce this rich language back into the everyday lexicon, open it up for everyone to access and slowly restore our true connection to ourselves through the power of the stars. After all, the stars have always been there to guide us most faithfully. And they always will.

Ang Stoic, Astrologer


  1. Perfect timeline for your ancient wisdom beloved Ang. Your vastness is extraordinary, your writing style reflects your Soul purpose.

    Gallantly walking in the illuminated pathway with One.


  2. batta bing! Veddy nice!

  3. Grateful Gemini

    When I came to a point where I was ready for a reading, I sought out an astrologer for comfort and encouragement in my journey. I followed Ang through his Facebook page and then by email for almost a year. He promptly responded to my reading request.
    During our Skype session, I felt, as though, Ang was peering under layers, piecing a puzzle together, and leaving bread crumbs for me to reconnect with my soul. Here was a man, whom I never conversed with, giving me the greatest gift; the ability to feel empathy for myself and others. I felt energy in my chest and a few times throughout my body. This is a gifted man and I encourage anyone seeking a conversation with the universe to trust Ang for a reading.

  4. Hi Ang,

    I have been reading your website articles for many months. I would love to have a reading done. I am in London, UK. What would be a good time to have it done?

  5. What are deets?

    …and what is the charge for a reading?

  6. EXCELLENT lovely sight. Thanks for the insights, most articulate, i love the horoscope. gods bless.

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