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The world of metaphors and symbolism offers us divine insight, and based only on these, we can construct a more reliable, more beautifully cohesive story - a dream in which all of the people on this planet can share. Join me tomorrow, for a special lunation report that sees the end of the astrological year and clears the way for the new.

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Fantasy and Fiction

In a time of widespread panic and anxiety, when the current reality seems unstable and the future you had planned seems highly improbable, the natural response is to zone out, seek refuge in your dreamworld - science-fiction fantasies about tomorrow or modified visions of a crudely reimagined past.

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Planning the Great Escape (Prelude to Last Quarter Moon)

...hope you're studying up on how to get yourself out of this painful little twist.

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COSMIC BUS – Awakening to Plutonian Darkness [episode #2109]

What we've been experiencing is a world slowly submerging into a sea of mass psychosis, a collective hysteria that is neither real nor unreal. If you can't believe what is happening, then you're not alone...

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DREAMING AWAKE [Cosmic Bus in 1 Hour]

We are all under a deep, hypnotic trance. Those who can 'see' with any clarity are witnessing humanity in a state of a deep slumber, mired in a dream yet unaware that we are dreaming our way through this life or even asleep.

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Make The Dream Real: VIRGO FULL MOON at 08°57, Saturday, Feb 27, 08:18 UTC

This is a time to either marry the sublime and fantastically creative ideas into mundane utilisation or make a decision to untether and expunge ourselves from any relationship which only siphons away our rational energies.

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Latest Horoscopes for the Cosmic Tribe

Empowering Horoscope Messages for the Virgo Full Moon - 27 February 2021 08:18 UTC

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Full Moon at 08°57′ Virgo

When the sugar-coating on your dreamy ignorance of reality wears off, will you be so numb that you cannot feel into the truth of your situation?

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THE DEHUMANISATION OF HUMANITY (…more on the Saturn/Uranus)

The SATURN/PLUTO conjunction squaring ERIS (Jan 2020) brought to the surface an insidious disease that seeks to corrupt and destroy this planet. Any individual who succumbs to the temptation to fall under its collective spell is being plied to become fanatically attached to supporting an agenda that is, essentially, diametrically opposed to serving his/her own best interests.

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Between the Ridiculous and the Sublime… THE WEEK AHEAD: Feb 22-28

Our task during 'the human experience' is to rise beyond the petty squabbles that divide us in this grim, lower illusion of limitation and scarcity, to transcend from the world of suffering and fear by using all the knowledge and insight afforded to us by the heavens.

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