“Questioning Everything”: The NEW MOON at 16°18′ Gemini, Thursday, June 6, 2024, 12:39 UTC

image: Michele DeCampo

The Gemini New Moon this month resets at 16°♊18′, hot on the heels of Jupiter’s ingress into this breezy sign. This lunation, supplemented by a flurry of Gemini transits including its conjunction with Venus and a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, infuses a distinctive air sign coolness that’s neither guileful and scheming to restore balance like cardinal Libra nor impossibly detached like fixed Aquarius. Instead, Gemini’s mutable quality helps us rapidly assimilate cues from our environment to make quick, astute observations. Such versatility is crucial as we adapt our thoughts rapidly to align our intentions with the dynamic currents at play. Being tuned in is most important under these stars, however, it is the challenging square from Saturn in Pisces that may impose dour limitations, testing the resilience of our most eloquent intentions by injecting a dose of stark existential realism.

When the New Moon graces Gemini, it’s a time rife with dynamic mental energy and intellectual stimulation that, depending on your own sign, could work in your favour or fry your cognitive circuitry. Gemini’s governing of all communication processes prompts us to improve our diagnostic and dialogic skills and adopt diverse perspectives, ensuring we articulate our thoughts with clarity and confidence.

Under this lunation, invigorated greatly by the preponderance of mental activity in Gemini—Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Venus in the heart of this Sun/Moon confluence—the impetus to acquire knowledge by engaging with sources of information, media, or refining our social interactions is one thing. However, with such a concentration of intellectual energy, blocked or hindered by Saturn, there’s a risk of mental overdrive which can spiral into anxiety. There’s no point in holding knowledge or having ideas we do not know what to do with or are unable to relate to. It’s crucial, therefore, that we not only pursue these stimulating exchanges and ideas diligently, test their veracity and relevance, but also seek to form thought patterns that help maintains our tranquillity, especially during times of great societal decline. The challenge is to effectively communicate our most profound thoughts and ideas without succumbing to the mental exhaustion or despair that this overstimulation, particularly of negative data, can bring.

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Saturn in Pisces: A Heavy Influence

Saturn, now midway through its transit in Pisces, embodies the heavier side of this configuration. Its square to the lively Gemini complex represents a clash between the fluid mobility of air and the unfathomable depth of water, potentially dampening the spirited Gemini energy with feelings of disconnect or melancholia. This Saturnian influence stresses the importance of setting personal boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed by external sorrows and worry, instead focusing on contributing positively to the collective. There may be a need to switch off or retract from the deluge of data streaming into our mindscapes. By recognising our limits, we can more effectively channel the mutable energy of Gemini, integrating flexibility with a mindful awareness of our emotional and spiritual confines.

Saturn in Pisces is particularly significant during these years (2023-26) as it draws deeply from the collective unconscious, often highlighting society’s shared fears and vulnerabilities. Pisces, the erosive final stage of the zodiac, a sign of emotional depth and spiritual sensitivity, combined with Saturn’s influence, brings a heightened awareness of the world’s suffering and hopelessness. The palpability Saturn brings to this transit can lead to a form of existential detachment or nihilistic resignation, where individuals feel profoundly disillusioned with societal norms and structures. Indeed, the weight of collective sorrow can be overwhelming, forcing a withdrawal from external realities into a more introspective, spiritual space. The key challenge here is to develop inner boundaries, distinguishing personal pain from the collective’s; by knowing when to unplug, we can prevent a complete emotional overload.

This aspect of Saturn in Pisces is further complicated by a tendency towards self-proclaimed martyrdom—where we might feel burdened by the world’s problems yet falter in addressing our own. Often, there seems to be some cause or individual in distress, beckoning our sympathy. The remedy involves cultivating a robust sense of self-definition, discerning whether external issues truly merit our emotional investment, and acknowledging that while we are part of a larger whole, our individual concerns and boundaries are equally vital. By setting these boundaries and focusing on the problems genuinely ours to solve, we can harness Gemini’s mutable energy more effectively. This disciplined adaptability ensures we support our own emotional well-being without becoming overwhelmed by external woes.

Jupiter’s Influence and the Impending Clash with Saturn

Jupiter’s recent entry into Gemini for a year-long stay forecasts a societal pivot towards valuing vast, albeit surface-level, information. While this transit boosts intellectual curiosity and communication, it also risks promoting intellectual elitism and the spread of misinformation, as people strive to appear more knowledgeable than they truly are. In Gemini, a sign known for its precise and analytical nature, Jupiter’s tendency to generalize can lead us to spread ourselves too thinly across a wide array of interests, at the expense of depth and genuine understanding. This could dilute the quality of discourse and diminish our ability to grasp deeper meanings.

If we’re going to utilise this energy effectively, it’s crucial to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, aiming for a more integrated understanding of information. The conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, underscores this focus on overintellectualising principles or laws, emphasising just how cerebral our approach is to handling the spirit of what’s really going on during this period. Pay close attention to the use of words and catchphrases during this time—they often seem designed to make a point, yet upon closer examination, their true depth and resonant heart-meaning may elude us. This is a time that calls for a more discerning engagement with information to ensure we’re not merely skimming the surface, or employing mind-trickery and catchy soundbites to justify our misguided actions.

The square from Saturn to the New Moon foreshadows the greater themes of the year ahead. As Jupiter and Saturn prepare to form a square in August and December 2024 (and again in 2025 in cardinal signs), we can anticipate a significant ideological clash. This tension manifests as a tug-of-war between growth and regulation, with Jupiter in Gemini advocating for a media-spun, all-inclusive, short-answer narrative, while Saturn in Pisces pushes for deeper soul introspection and emotional depth. This dynamic challenges us to balance our thirst for knowledge and hunger for answers to existential problems with the need for emotional authenticity, potentially leading to a critical examination of what truly informs our beliefs and decisions.

The upcoming squares between Jupiter and Saturn will likely amplify the tension between seeking comprehensive, yet often superficial, answers and the need for deeper, more meaningful insights. This clash could be the trigger behind seismic societal shifts, where the drive for rapid technological and informational growth conflicts with the necessity for emotional and spiritual grounding. As these two titans collide, many might find themselves dipping into despair and nihilistic anguish, feeling overwhelmed by the superficiality of quick-fix solutions and the absence of genuine emotional connection. This period forces us to reevaluate our priorities, ensuring that our intellectual pursuits are imbued with emotional and spiritual substance, ultimately fostering a more holistic approach to life.

End of Empires: Navigating Societal Decay

In the background, we see the changing of the guard among greater cosmic forces. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the extraterrestrials, are nearing the end of their respective runs in their current tropical signs. Particularly, Pluto is concluding its 16-year journey in Capricorn, its recent return to the radix position of the USA chart marking the end of an era. Those alive today are witnessing the final throes of a massive paradigm shift—an empire in the late stages of collapse. Look around—this is how it all ends. Decay has infiltrated every institution, seeping into every crevice of our existence. Hopelessly longing for a return to former glory or praying for a miraculous saviour is futile; corruption is now rampant and blatant. As societies rise, flourish, and eventually peak, the foundations of their structures deteriorate, leading to inevitable collapse. Expecting a revival is naive. Instead, we must learn to befriend the darkness, make peace with the impending change, and strive to find the light within the chaos.

In a world where corruption is the norm, survival means attuning ourselves to Pluto’s sinister undercurrents. Seeing in the dark becomes essential—we have all the power tools to help us understand the motives of those who thrive in shadows. Networking with others is important, but we must be cautious. There are so many zombies around us, still buzzing away to the tune of the old Methuselah. Power, real power, lies in being able to navigate the insidious devices of deception, manipulation, and coercive influence. It behooves us to identify those who wield it, and if necessary, adopt and adapt their methods to hasten the collapse of the old order.

The rise of populist figures, with their desperate calls to “make things great again,” is no accident but a symptom of a decaying system. The core agenda of this system is long-rotten, clinging to hope through wishful thinking and impractical solutions. These emerging radicals now pose a serious threat to the established power structures, once upheld by old political parties that were seen as champions of democracy and potential saviours of humanity. It is a struggle between the conservation and destruction of these systems, and the outcome remains uncertain. Both sides are now complicit in a quest for absolute power, serving corporate interests while ignoring the suffering of the masses through kleptocracy and warmongering. They would rather watch the system implode than relinquish their privilege. These pernicious power mongers, deeply entrenched in the machinery of an archaic system, exploit AI technology and groupthink to accelerate our descent into corporate technocratic totalitarianism, all while showing utter disdain for democratic norms.

Retrograde Pluto’s sesquisquare to the Gemini lunation is telling here: The press, once a check on power, now serves as a mouthpiece for the affluent elite. The more manipulation of democratic systems against the people, the closer financial collapse looms, bringing social unrest in its wake. leading into the second half of this year, as sociopolitical and economic institutions crumble, building parallel structures becomes imperative to protect and empower communities. As we trudge heavily through these turbulent times, remember that the cosmos is here to offer guidance. Despite harsh, exhausting limitations, the looming Gemini New Moon presents an opportunity to recognise the signs of impending collapse and prepare accordingly. It’s a bleak reality, but one we must confront head-on for the sake of renewal and a return to self-empowerment. Let go of attachments, forge new connections, and assume a shift in gears to chart a new path forward.

Individual Mindset Impact: Existential Detachment and Nihilistic Resignation

Gemini affects the mind and our overall mindset. In the face of societal decay and corruption, some individuals are inclined to overthink things, or get stuck in negative thought patterns and depressing loops. We might witness many people strangely reaching a state of existential detachment or nihilistic resignation. This psychological phase arises from a profound disillusionment with societal norms and structures, feeling left out, angry and bereft about feeling powerless. As Mars activates the looming Chiron/Eris conjunction, this triggers a disengagement from traditional motivational drives such as fear of consequences or desire for approval.

image: Michele DeCampo

At its core, existential detachment stems from a deep-seated recognition of the perceived absurdity inherent in societal games and constructs. It may feel like entering or continuing the Monopoly® game after one player has succeeded in acquiring all the properties on the gameboard. Individuals in this state refuse to participate further in what they perceive as a meaningless charade. They see through the facades of power and authority, recognising them as arbitrary and devoid of inherent meaning.

This disillusionment can lead to a sense of detachment from personal goals, societal expectations, and even interpersonal relationships. The individual may question the validity of societal norms and values, viewing them as arbitrary constructs imposed by those in power. Despite encouragement from the winning party to “keep playing—it’s fun!”, this questioning often leads to a profound sense of alienation from the game, or mainstream society.

In this state of mind, individuals may adopt a more philosophical perspective, embracing existentialist ideas that emphasise personal freedom and responsibility in the face of an indifferent universe. They may find solace in the recognition that meaning is subjective and that they have the power to create their own sense of purpose.

However, existential detachment can also lead to feelings of isolation, despair, and apathy. Without a sense of connection to others or a shared purpose, individuals may struggle to find meaning in their lives. They may become resigned to the belief that their actions are ultimately futile in the face of larger societal forces. This sentiment accrues into a critical mass, creating intense societal disruptions. The first of these catabolic eruptions will be evidently widespread around the lunations of August 2024 (more on these later).

For now, we must learn to tread lightly. Observe carefully how your interactions, both in dialogue and thought, are reshaping. Despite its challenges, existential detachment can also be a catalyst for personal growth and recalibration of how we think. By questioning the status quo and rejecting societal norms that clearly no longer serve us, we are able to untether ourselves from mind restrictions and embark on a journey of self-discovery and authenticity. The more we let go of these false fears, the more we find liberation in embracing our true selves and living in alignment with our values, rather than conforming to external expectations, playing along in a game that has not only lost our interest, but promises no future joy.

It’s tough to wrap our head around, but ultimately, this sense of existential detachment is a complex and nuanced state of mind that reflects our individual struggle to find meaning and purpose in a world that often seems chaotic and absurd. From the individual awakening under this lunation into the collective of August and beyond, his nihilistic resignation is both a coping mechanism for navigating societal decay and a philosophical exploration of the nature of existence itself.

Certain Change and Adapting to What’s Coming

This Gemini New Moon invites us to set intentions that accommodate Gemini’s mutable dexterity among the deeper currents influenced by Saturn and Pluto. By balancing our intellectual pursuits with emotional depth and practical application, we can navigate this lunation effectively, using the power of communication to transform and enlighten rather than merely fill our heads with vapid, meaningless information.

In these turbulent times, the Gemini New Moon offers a beacon of hope. It invites us to see beyond the façades of spin and promises, the sponsored content, and the undeniable smokescreens cast by power-hungry opportunists. This is a moment to release outdated attachments, forge new connections, and embrace the necessary changes to forge a brighter future. This fortnight’s horoscopes highlight the challenges for each sign, delving into the lessons of the Gemini stellium and its clash with Saturn in Pisces. They offer guidance on how to harness the New Moon to set intentions that strike a balance between intellectual curiosity and concrete emotional authenticity, ensuring our path forward is both enlightening and empowering.

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