As Neptune stations to retrograde, it’s like being strung out on a highwire of vulnerability. This is your time to confront those existential dilemmas head-on and all you want to do is cancel them and retract into your crabshell. But hey, are you ready to face your illusions and look into your wacky emotional responses?

I know what you’re thinking: “It’s not me, it’s everyone else!!”

Thanks, and I don’t wish to sound like some soft woo-woo hippy dude, but that’s just it… we’re all in it now. We’ve always been! We’re just maybe not all waking up to ourselves at the same time and in the same way. It’s bewildering as we look right through each other’s pink bits and into that fragile little heart and soul.

Have mercy.

This is the brutal truth moment, where you need to separate the unbending reality from that phoney baloney gig you’ve been jiving with. And I know the standard response is to submerge yourself deeper in the quagmire, try harder to escape reality, but the real challenge now (as we saw under that Solstice Full Moon) is to channel that sensitivity and heightened awareness into something constructive and creative – something the whole family can enjoy.

Be bold enough to face it. Don’t let it spiral into chaos and despair. It’s time to face your inner Neptunian goo and spin it, weave that gloppy muck into a force of profound regenerative, soul-blasting, bliss-making growth. Don’t worry about the others. Love or hate them, they’re all going through the same gack. They’ll catch up. Some freaky weird shit is happening here, and pretty soon, it’s gonna feel like the “new normal” (again) so ready or not, it’s time to step in and stare the abyss in the face.

[image: Catrin Welz-Stein]

Let me see if I can straighten this out here regarding Neptune, Pisces, the 12th house, or whatever else is confusing you right now.

We all have dreams, visions about how we’d like things to turn out. It’s essential and healthy to have dreams, even when they’re daunting or nightmarish. Dreams sail us forward and out of the doldrums.

Then we have fantasies—scenarios we enjoy imagining but know won’t come true. These are psychologically beneficial because they provide a necessary escape from reality’s excruciating pressures, helping us cope and find temporary relief.

Finally, there are delusions, which are often problematic. Delusions are fantasies we mistake for reality or deny are just imaginary. When we cling to these, believing them to be true, we set ourselves up for disappointment, heartache, depression, and potential harm, especially when others are involved. Ignoring life’s often unforgiving rules can be a real bummer.

How’s it all going with you? Both Saturn and Neptune are stationary and will turn retrograde in a few days. Understanding the distinction between dreams, fantasies, and delusions is crucial. There’s a lot of projection and wishful thinking going on right now. In the coming weeks and months, as these powerful bodies retrograde in Pisces, we will surely learn more about our faith, the pitfalls of misplaced beliefs and the importance of anchoring ourselves near the shores of some plausible reality.

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