“End of the Empire” [Plus Your GEMINI NEW MOON Horoscopes]

[image: Michele DeCampo]

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in a culture that is witnessing the final throes of an empire in collapse. Look around—this is how it all ends. The decay has seeped into every crevice, infiltrating every institution beyond repair. Hopelessly hoping for a return to former glory or praying on high for a saviour to miraculously rescue you is futile; corruption, an inherent part of the cycle is everywhere, now rampant and blatant. This is the way of all structures, as societies rise, flourish, peak, the foundations of their structures deteriorate, eventually crumbling. Expecting a revival is naive at best.

Don’t worry. Learn instead to befriend the darkness, make your peace with what’s about to go down, and slowly learn to move through it, trying to find the light.

In a world where corruption is the norm, survival means attuning ourselves to sinister undercurrents. Seeing in the dark becomes essential—we have all the power tools to help us understand the motives of those who thrive in shadows. Networking with others is important, but we must be cautious. There are so many zombies around us, still buzzing away to the tune of the old Methuselah. Power, real power, lies in deception, manipulation, and influence. Identify those who wield it, and if necessary, align with their methods to somehow precipitate the collapse of the old order.

The rise of populist figures, as a last-ditch effort to “make things great again,” isn’t accidental but symptomatic of a decaying system desperately grasping for a glimmer of hope through wishful thinking and practical absurdities. It’s almost comical how these emerging radicals now pose a threat to the old political parties, once champions of democracy and seen as potential saviours of humanity. Yet, they are now complicit in their quest to seize absolute power, serving corporate interests while turning a blind eye to the suffering of the masses through their kleptocracy and warmongering. They’d sooner watch the system implode than relinquish their privilege. These pernicious powermongers, deeply entrenched in the machinery of an archaic system, with their utter disdain for democratic norms, now exploit AI technology and groupthink to accelerate our descent into corporate totalitarianism.

The press, once a check on power, now serves as a mouthpiece for the affluent elite. Financial collapse looms, and with it, social unrest. As institutions crumble, it becomes incumbent to build parallel structures to protect and empower communities. Recognise the signs of impending collapse and prepare accordingly. It’s a bleak reality, but one we must face head-on.

As we proceed through these turbulent times, remember that the cosmos may offer us guidance. Despite harsh limitations, the looming Gemini New Moon presents an opportunity for renewal and empowerment. Let go of attachments, forge new connections, and embrace the demise and chart a new path toward the reconstruction…

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