“Making Sense of it All”: The FULL MOON at 02°55′ Sagittarius, Thursday, May 23, 2024, 13:54 UTC

[Image: Fred Tomaselli]

Greetings Fellow Travellers,

It’s lunation time again, and as we honour the illuminating power of this Full Moon, we acknowledge the profound shifts unfolding both globally and within ourselves. Amid an epochal paradigm shift, we witness the world grappling with antiquated displacements, dynastic declines, desperate conflicts, economic and political upheavals, and evolving group identities. Concurrently, we’re each experiencing our own internal epiphanies and transmutations, spiritual growing pains marked by a sense of extraordinary strangeness and social alienation, particularly for those cultured in the more pre-digital era. This Full Moon shines a light on these changes, guiding us through the uncertainty and offering clarity in this time of profound transition.

Father Sun, Mother Moon

As we know, the Sun and Moon, the primary luminaries in our skies, hold unique significance in astrology, for unlike the other planets, they present as glowing disks, indicating their true spherical nature. The Sun, vastly larger than Earth, reigns supreme as the source of light, heat, and life, orchestrating day, night, and seasonal cycles. The Moon, smaller yet powerful, influences tides and the menstrual cycle, her multifaceted phases marking the passage of time. Together, they form the most primal synodic cycle, a dynamic interplay of light and darkness, growth and decay. Whether conscious of it or not, we stand in awe of their governance over us.

From New Moon to Full Moon and back, the Moon’s synodic cycle is a powerful metaphor for beginnings, growth, culmination, and release. The Full Moon, in particular, represents the peak of this cycle—a moment of maximum illumination and clarity. It is a time when energies are heightened, intentions set at the New Moon come to fruition, and hidden truths are revealed. As we approach the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon, we delve into this celestial event’s deeper significance, exploring its impact on our lives and the broader cosmic dance. The Sagittarius Full Moon, with its fiery and expansive energy felt in the most intimate and personal sense, encourages us to seek truth, embrace adventure, and broaden our horizons, making it a potent time for integrating revelations and meaning-making.

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The Full Moon dichotomy in Gemini-Sagittarius and the Cradle Formation

As we approach the Full Moon, you might notice a heightened sense of awareness and emotional intensity. The Sun in vibrant Gemini polarised against the Moon in restless Sagittarius invites us to reflect on the tenuous balance between collecting scattered bits of information and data and seeking deeper, wider, big-picture wisdom. During this period, you may find yourself caught between the urge to explore various ideas and the need to synthesise them into a coherent understanding. The challenge here is recognising that access to all the knowledge in the world is futile if it does not contribute to furnishing us with an intact system of understanding how all things fit and all actions and reactions are justified according to nature’s (or God’s) laws.

This Full Moon is particularly significant as it occurs amidst an epic global paradigm shift in consciousness. With Saturn in Pisces, there is no denying that the old world is gradually dissolving, surreptitiously undergoing profound changes as we collectively question and dispel old structures and beliefs. As you observe the events unfolding around you, from societal upheavals to shifts in group identities, this contrasting Sun/Moon opposition can help you make sense of the chaos.

This Lunation’s polarisation along the Neptune/Pluto sextile forms an interesting ‘Cradle’ formation. In astrology, the Cradle is a pattern that releases built-up tension through harmonious aspects, providing a unique opportunity for integration and balance. Although this is not the first sextile between the outer planets—Neptune and Pluto have been in sextile throughout much of the past century due to their slow orbits, having been precisely sextile 14 times between 1942-1957, 17 times between 1976-1984, and 21 times between 2024-2033—their ‘supernatural’ alignment in the cradle of the Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon opposition offers a rare foreshadowing of the years to come, indicating profound trans-cultural shifts in both individual and collective consciousness. These are concepts that we covered in our most recent Cosmic Bus episode.

Adding to the complexity of this Full Moon is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter at the anaretic degree (29º) of Taurus, which is only a couple of degrees away from the Gemini Sun and opposite the Sagittarius Moon, playing a significant part in the Cradle. This alignment magnifies the themes of value, abundance, and relationships, highlighting the urgency to resolve issues related to security and self-worth. The anaretic degree brings a sense of culmination and urgency, pushing us to finalise matters before moving into new territory.

Moreover, an intensely tight, hard aspect from Mars, dignified in Aries to the Sun/Moon polarity, adds further tension. Mars, currently locked into a North Node/Chiron stellium and heading towards a conjunction with Eris, triggers highly sensitive wounds related to feeling shunned, banished, or excluded. This alignment precipitates actions seeking karmic release, intensifying the potential for conflict and aggression as deep-seated issues come to the surface. The conjunction with Eris in the coming weeks suggests that suppressed anger, pain and frustration, stored deep in the recesses of our entire species’ collective shame, could erupt in heady, impish ways, demanding equally urgent attention and unequivocally swift resolution.

[Image: Fred Tomaselli]

This is a most precarious time, marked by potential massive revelations about everything and everyone, thanks to the shocking Uranian contacts around the recent Taurus New Moon. An awareness is forming that, if not integrated wisely, could soon erupt into massive discontentment, hostility, and conflict as it seeks resolution. The Full Moon underscores a crucial turning point, demanding clarity and truth amidst the tumult, promoting a deep reassessment of what has been, what is, and what will be, and pushing humanity towards a more integrated and enlightened understanding of existence.

Making Sense of it All

During this Full Moon, pay attention to how these energies manifest in your life. Are you overwhelmed by a flood of details, or are you striving to find a unifying theme? This is a time to bridge the gap between reason and intuition, knowledge and wisdom. Harness the opportunity to integrate these aspects, allowing you to steer through the current paradigm shift with greater clarity and more penetrating insight.

At the height of this transformative period, the Full Moon can illuminate hidden truths and provide the perspicacity and foresight needed to align your personal growth with the broader changes in consciousness. Take time to reflect on how you can balance your thirst for knowledge with the quest for deeper understanding, and use this illuminating time to guide your path forward.

To explore how this lunation might play out for you personally, I invite you to delve into my empowering horoscope messages provided below, incisive tools for each sign—the full set of 12—available to all those who are subscribed to my work. Many blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx

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