TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: A Comprehensive Guide

Ok, almost time for the total solar eclipse, it’s important to know what you’re in for, including some of the basic celestial mechanics involved, atmospheric phenomena, subtle environmental changes, and some of the profound psychological effects this event might have on you, and all those around you.

If you’re heading out to catch it, or are already underneath the eclipse’s path of totality, here (in the comments) is my comprehensive guide that covers each of these aspects, offering you a holistic understanding and preparation for witnessing this awesome, hair-raising spectacle.


The total eclipse might take a while to kick in, but when totality hits, it’s a wild 3-4 minutes. Know exactly where and when it’s happening near you, find a spot with a killer view preferably in nature with no city lights. Have the right gear on you – solar glasses are a must for the lead-up, but during totality, you can ditch them and check it out with you naked eyes. Layer up, it’s going to get chilly quick. Bring the basics – chairs, water, snacks. If you’re into a closer look, grab binoculars or a scope with a solar filter, and maybe a camera, but remember, experiencing this is the key thing here, photos are secondary and not as important because thet’ll be everywhere.


a) Initially: As the Moon creeps over the Sun, keep your solar glasses on. Watch the light fade and feel the chill set in. Notice how the daylight turns hard and otherworldly.

b) The SUN’s Crescent: See the Sun shrink to a sliver through your glasses and the Moon gradually bites into it.

c) Drop in temperature: Watch how nature pauses, hear the birds absolutely shut it and the eerie calm. Catch the last rays of Sun dancing through the Moon’s valleys, creating “Baily’s Beads” and the stunning “Diamond Ring” effect as the Moon closing in for the total eclipse.

d) Circle of Fire: Totality hits. Depending where you’re observing from, and weather premitting, watch the Sun’s corona bursts into view, no glasses needed. Marvel at its shape and the sudden appearance of stars and planets. Mercury and Jupiter will appear on one side and Venus and Mars/Saturn (conjunct) to the other.

e) Nature’s Pause: Watch the world and its creatures stand still in this rare night during the day. If you’re with pets, watch how they behave, cats, scurrying and dogs totally confused by what is outside their natural bodyclock rhythms. Listen out for crickets who start humming suddenly.

f) Observe your inner universe: Let the totality move you, stirring deep feelings and connecting you with everyone witnessing this spectacle. This is a powerful ceremony, one the impregnates all you are present with a lasting vibe.

g) Return of Day: As the Moon passes through, the Sun peeks back. Glasses on! Slowly, the world brightens, warmth returns, and life picks back up.

h) Reflect: Share what you felt, saw, and thought. This cosmic event is rare to experience. It may be the last time you have such an opposrtunity to bear witness to such a profound reminder of your place and relative significance in the universe.


a) Stay vigilant for shadow bands just before and after totality, notice any nighttime dew that forms due to the rapid cooling.

b) Observe how the environment and your own sensations change as the eclipse progresses, from the initial partial phases through the dramatic totality and back to full daylight.

**Note that whilst in some sense this can be an exciting event to share with others, it can be a deeply harrowing affair, especially if your own chart is impacted, it could be beyond just “emotional” and if you’re already going through some serious life-crises, this experience might be the trigger that precipitates intense breakdown or catabolic changes.


Take time to internalise and reflect on the experience. Wtf just happened? That was a huge thing. A total solar eclipse is not just a visual spectacle; it’s an event that touches on many aspects of the natural world and can have a profound impact on your psyche and the ppsyche of everyone around you. Everyone.

Consider journaling your thoughts, feelings, and observations. Discussing the event with others can also help process the experience and share the collective wonder and inspiration it brings. (Feel free to share your experiences here, in this thread, although my autoadmin function will automatically hide your comment if you include pictures and/or links).

Witnessing a total solar eclipse is an extremely rare opportunity that combines the magnitude of these celestial events with the subtleties of atmospheric phenomena and the deep emotional responses they evoke. Astrologically they leave a lasting imprint on our lives, so preparing thoroughly and approaching the event with mindfulness and respect for its power, ensures a safe, enjoyable, and profoundly moving experience.

Here’s your zodiac toolbox, tailor made to guide each sign (read both Sun & Rising sign):

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  1. I’m sure there are other ways to experience rhe eclipse. More spontaneous.