“The Great American Eclipse”: ARIES SOLAR ECLIPSE LUNATION REPORT [Cosmic Bus #2414]

When you've reached the stage where you're beyond,
Beyond madness and rejection,
Beyond revolt and insurrection,
Beyond sadness and depression,
When you've lost all trust,
Feel doubtful, apathetic, and resigned,
When you're all exhausted, listless, aimless;
And a bit nostalgic,
That's when the chrysalis cracks open.

Amidst all the chaos and dismay,
The spark of transformation that's inside.
This morsel of creation, stark and raw,
Now ready to ignite and kindle an ebullient flare.
Beyond the void, the fertile ground will thaw,
Where new worlds wait, bold and rare.

In hearts of darkness, stars shine bright,
Guiding to dawn, an unimaginable light.
Rise, like a phoenix, from ashes of the night,
For here, my dear, begins your truest flight.

Enjoy this short snippet (Members, sign in below to watch the full 85-minute epic special at our exclusive eclipse-viewing cosmic bus stop, and do really take in these horoscope messages - along with those we published for the lunar eclipse, they help to put your journey into some perspective):

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