Post-Eclipse Pain

[image: Sharon Sprung]

Eclipse over.
Job done.
Yeah, now deal with the ick of this existential loneliness;
this nihilistic absence of any emotional connection
that reveals only sadness, abandonment, unworthiness;
the regret of missed opportunities
to share life’s joys and sorrows, its milestones and its losses;
the lack of a legit support system,
the amped-up sense of shame, self-doubt and cynicism.

And then, there’s that whole overwhelm and burnout,
where you just long for a bit of introspection and recharge,
some time-out from the sensory and emotional overload of others—those so-called friends or lovers. Energetic parasites.
Some way to prove your self-reliance and independence;
some space to process your own grief and trauma on your own.
Something, just not that again, you’ve had enough of that!

(Chiron in Aries)
Whether this eclipse has brought to light your pain of being alone,
or it’s stirred up the pain of wanting to be left alone,
it’s probably better to be miserable alone
than to be miserable with someone.

There’s actually a reason for it.
For nothing happens for no reason.
Although, these days,
among the screaming cacophony of obtrusive voices,
the swirltide of narcissistic cries and artificial promo-bots,
all desperately clamouring for your attention
out there and on your friendly Insta-scrolls,
it would be fair to say that nearly everything has become somewhat co-opted and meaningless;
ergo you have become meaningless and insignificant.

But it’s not.
Under Aries, every irritation, every frustration brings you closer to a reason to move.

Every minor vexation, every itch under your skin, morphs into a micro-aggression, an impetus to escalate matters, to bring things up to boiling point. You’re feeling this but MARS, ruler of the ram is currently held up by SATURN, in Pisces. There’s a lethargy, a profound existential melancholy that dampens ay pressing urge for confrontation. The action necessary to confront and bring things to the point of conflict, is stifled, frustrated by a pressure to feel into the soul of the world, which, with Saturn there, takes on a somber, almost apocalyptic tone.

And so, there’s a reason for your sudden realisation that, despite your need to connect, you’re supremely alone and all you want, really, is to be left alone:

This stark awakening to your supreme solitude, amidst this intricately vast sea of connections, springs out of your soul’s innate longing for genuine self-reflection and healing—a yearning left unfulfilled by the facile interactions that pervade our increasingly digital existence.

In this era, where authentic connections are eclipsed by the pretense of engagement, our souls lust for true resonance. This dissonance, often filled with perverse distortions of truths (“how life is”), breeds a peculiar form of isolation, felt most acutely amidst the multitude of other voices, driving us to want to withdraw into our own cocoonlike confinement. Here, in the private sanctuary of our self-imposed seclusion, we embark on an introspective odyssey, confronting the shadows and intricacies within, away from the nonstop nonsense obstructing self-discovery and meaningful rapport.

This journey inward is not an escape but rather a pilgrimage towards our truest selves. It comes amid unprecedented turmoil and distraction in a world that’s paradoxically trying to make you forget the value of silence and reflection.

Cherish the sanctity of this ‘alone’ space. Notice how the recent eclipse has bestowed you with a key, a portal to plumb the depths of your being. This key unlocks the mysteries of your entire essence, revealing the truth of all that you are and all that you’ve ever been. Guided by the shamanic voices of the Aries North Node you are beginning to merge all knowledge with inner wisdom. Your higher consciousness is awakening, recalling the eternal truths ingrained within you, truths that resonate with the core of your spirit.


  1. Suzanne B. Miller

    Wow. You really ” Nailed It”!! Continue to appreciate the incredible insights you provide in a manner minus the ” fluffy” promises, yet with an underlying ” “In your face if you can take it” approach which always includes a path to the Highroad, shouldv we CHOOSE it!!

  2. Yes! Nailed it! Again!
    Much love and appreciation.

  3. Seems like the eclipse was the end of all things? Ang is silent ever since.