“Places to Hide”: PISCES NEW MOON LUNATION REPORT [Cosmic Bus #2409]

Slight detour up ahead, kids. Instead of the scenic route, we're going down the slightly unsightly road. Bummer, I know, but it's necessary if we're going to spare the obligatory heartaches...

On this Cosmic Bus episode, we take apart the mechanics of next Sunday's (Mar 10) NEW MOON, which at 20º16' Pisces falls smack dab midway between SATURN/NEPTUNE- that most lugubrious midpoint. Since these two titans are threatening to come together at 00º Aries in Feb 2026, we best know what we're in for. I also explain why the spiritual climate/real-world phenomena are inversely different from the lead-up to and following this epochal event and why this lunation period is itself rife with producing a swathe of monumental martyrs of all kinds of causes (oh, the humanity...!!).

MERCURY is also at the Aries point (world axis) for this New Moon, and URANUS tries to sabotage that altruist-hacker MARS in Aquarius- there's simply no way of averting the ultimate disaster, all we can do is try to go around and try not to look... try not to look that way...


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