And so, under the dark moon of Pisces, as we stand on the ultimate cusp of renewal, let us embrace the mysteries, the fleeting moments of connection, the eternal dance of the cosmos, as we, like the ancients, reach out with grace and humility, towards the infinite, our hearts open to the wisdom of the stars, ready to begin anew…

This line, from Rainer Maria Rilke’s exquisite Second Elegy melts me:

“…alas, but that is what we are. Does the space we dissolve into then taste of us?”

In the shadowed embrace of Pisces’ dark moon, we stand at the threshold of renewal, the final whisper before the cycle anew. Every celestial dance foretells a tale, though, in silence, we traverse the cosmic veil, feeling the pull of unseen tides, in the vast ocean of our souls, where deep calls to deep, in the realm of dreams and intuition.

Here, where the veil thins, the guardians of the deep stir, not to terrify but to beckon, with the gentle call of the abyss, where the ancient wisdom of the waters, and the secrets long submerged, rise to meet us at the door of the unknown, no longer fearsome but as guides, luminous and inviting, bridging worlds.

Should the celestial guardians step forth, not as a threat but as kindred spirits, their presence a balm, not a burden, to our weary hearts, we would welcome them, our pulses in harmony with the universal heartbeat, in the dance of the cosmos, where all is one.

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