The MERCURY/ERIS conjunction at 24º Aries symbolises the indomitable spirit of the agitator, a pioneering figure whose voice, once suppressed, resurfaces with an interminable fervour. It brings to mind legends of historical dissenters, vociferous figures who upended the status quo with their minds, embodying the quintessential rabble-rouser—those who dared to confront and provoke the established order of their time and spouted the most seeringly inconvenient truths.

This conjunction in Aries, a sign known for its audacious spirit and unflinching courage, suggests the inception of intellectual provocation and the incitement of discord in pursuit of a greater truth or ideal. Mercury, the planet of communication, combined with Eris, the goddess of strife and resentment, in this fiery sign could indicate a period where words become the catalyst for significant change, challenging us to think differently or confront uncomfortable facts.

Due to Mercury’s retrograde on April 1st, this will play out as a triple conjunction, which, along the North Node and involving Chiron, becomes a dominant theme throughout April/May.

There are several significant turning points in the weeks ahead, considering all other critical transits, reinforcing the epochal Total Solar eclipse in Aries.

Drawing a parallel with apocryphal tales of other outspoken activists throughout our times, many of them undocumented, we’re reminded of the power of individuals who, through their outspoken words and audacious actions, have acted to instigate monumental shifts in society. Such figures, often controversial in their times, may be vindicated by history as visionaries or revolutionaries.

Take this astrological moment to reflect on the role of the provocateur in our lives and in society at large. Are there voices we’re dismissing, trying to outright quash, banish, or even condemn because they challenge our comfort zones in trying to tell us something? Could these voices, however disagreeable, be the harbingers of change we desperately need?

It’s perhaps a good time to acknowledge the potential for change that comes from questioning and shaking up the established order. Let’s consider the role played by those radical disruptors, whose records, though shrouded in myth and legend, remind us of the revolutionary power of speaking truth to power, no matter the cost.

It’s all happening here, with Mercury (back and forth) tightly binding the North Node activities, really pushing the message forward, rousing spirits and voices who, though many would call a nuisance, have a way of getting under the skin enough to wage the necessary battles…

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  1. Looked up my mother’s chart while reading this- sure did fit her ‘mothering’ style.
    Sun in sag – moon hard conjunct eris in sag. – as I, the youngest have a hard conjunct mars/pluto in virgo.
    Fun times lol