“What To Make of It All?”: The FULL MOON at 05°23′ VIRGO, Saturday, February 24, 2024, 12:31 UTC

Greeting Fellow travellers,

Another Full Moon, the final one before the Equinox ushers through the impending eclipse season. Needless to say, we find ourselves teetering on the frightful precipice of monumental change. But then, “change” is one of those words that astrologers far too often bandy about, and, as you can probably sense, this time in history warrants far more than to be dismissed as merely loose “change”. There’s a lot happening, and you’re invited to play, that is, if you’re not one who, out of petrifying fear, is opting to quiver under your covers for what might happen next.

Be not afraid. The universe will make a hero out of you yet. You’ll see. You have precisely what it takes to stand out in all this.

Preceding the Pisces New Moon, this Virgo lunation unmistakably marks the end of a mouldy old era. It effectively warns us about the onset of a period of great unrest on our planet, characterised no less by sociopolitical turbulence and economic uncertainty, but also deeply buried internal turmoil and uncertainty in each of us.

Still, as the ‘real world’ seems primed for a seismic shakedown that will undoubtedly catapult us into a radically transformative, bewilderingly revolutionary, chapter of existence, we know for certain that we can never go back to whatever it was that it was if indeed we can remember. One thing is clear to many: nothing about the past is quite what we thought it was; it was neither simple nor stable.

Siege of Jerusalem (70 CE) - Wikipedia
[Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Francesco Hayez. Oil on canvas, 1867]

This lunation reflects a profound realisation that our collective understanding or perception of history and past events is significantly different from what was previously believed. In fact, on closer examination and due to no less than a deluge of recent revelations, what the ‘hoi polloi’ or ‘status quo’ considered to be a straightforward or stable version of history and science is actually complex, at least convoluted, fraught with instability, but further to this, filled with bias and inaccuracy. What we are discovering is that the historical narrative is more nuanced and possibly more tumultuously erroneous and ideologically ‘rigged’ than it seemed, challenging previous assumptions and beliefs about the nature of events, physical phenomena, and political and societal developments. All this makes us completely nervous and unsettled, regardless of how much we want it not to affect us.

The recent Aquarian New Moon, locked in a fixed square with Uranus, blew in the “Winds of Dissent,” setting the stage for this momentous Full Moon crescendo. It sparked a collective awakening, conveying a powerful message that clinging to obsolete falsehoods and deceptive narratives is untenable. As it progresses through to its crucial, culminating phase, we see the Pisces Sun illuminating Saturn’s grounding influence and against Virgo’s earthy reflections, transforming abstract concepts into actionable realities. It’s at this high-water mark that the Virgo Full Moon, with its instinctual pull, challenges us to address and reevaluate the prevailing Solar/Saturnian narrative that is dominating the Piscean landscape, this vast expanse of deteriorating realities and dissolving social and ideological structures. This Virgo Moon compels us to sift through the rubble of distortions and disarray, evoking an innate reaction to bring order and practicality to the forefront, her illuminating glow into our darker side guiding us to a logical reassessment and refinement of the chaos and confusion that have prevailed.

The Full Moon Effect

Full moons represent the culmination of a cycle, a peak of clarity and realisation where emotions and instinctual responses are heightened. They symbolise a time of rare, inspired effulgence, when the hidden or subconscious aspects of our lives are brought to light, urging us to integrate our inner feelings with our outer actions. This often confronting period demands a sense of completion or the need to release what no longer serves our growth.

Virgo Full Moon

A Virgo Full Moon emphasises precision, purification, and practicality. By inviting us to focus on the minutiae of our daily lives and urging us to analyse, organise, and refine our routines and processes, we can begin to tackle the underlying source of the bigger problem, bit by bit. This lunation encourages a holistic approach to health, work, and service, highlighting where improvements in our habitual and instinctive nature can be made for greater efficiency and well-being. It’s a time for grounding emotions through tangible actions and practical solutions.

Saturn’s Involvement

With Saturn in Pisces flanking the Pisces Sun, this configuration underscores a tension between structure and fluidity. Saturn’s presence here calls for the materialisation of Pisces’ ethereal dreams, stripping away the falsities and smokescreens by applying a hefty dosage of responsibility, discipline and consequence to our spiritual and emotional pursuits. It challenges us to face our limitations and fears in the context of our ideals, urging a mature approach to integrating dreams with reality.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces, positioned close to the Pisces Sun, blurs the lines between thought and feeling, encouraging a more intuitive and empathetic communication style. This watery placement softens Mercury’s analytical nature, inviting us to consider the nuances and complexities of our thoughts and words. It emphasises a more poetic, non-linear way of processing and sharing information, urging us to listen to the subtle undercurrents of our interactions. Its capacity to see the bigger, or rather the whole picture, can be a blessing and, where the punctilious Virgo is involved, a curse.

Cumulative Effects on the Virgo Full Moon

The Mercury/Saturn midpoint lies squarely upon the Sun, creating a shrewdly complex dynamic interplay of energies that will directly oppose the Virgo Full Moon. This configuration reveals a conflict between the need for practical discernment (Virgo) and a sea of abstract and sometimes deceptive or escapist narratives (Pisces). In this sense, our collective consciousness is being awakened to the intricacies and biases embedded in our understanding of history, “science”, natural law and the various strata of societal structures.

The Saturn in Pisces influence, highlighting societal pressure for a disciplined reevaluation of our highest ideals and faith systems, puts us under pressure to examine widely held truths. Ironically, this is accomplished through the current gravitas of peer pressure. Mercury’s position amplifies this by encouraging a deeper, more intuitive analysis of the information we receive and the narratives we construct. This cumulative configuration, as heavy and mentally constricting as it may seem, challenges us to sift through the distortions, much like the Virgo Moon urges us to instinctively filter out the unnecessary to find the truth. 

It can be rather a gloomy and depressing period, since Saturn’s involvement on a lunation marks a crippling phase of serious introspection, scrutiny and contemplation akin to a cyclic process of pressed to make a final call. Whilst not necessarily indicative of clinical depression, it does represent frustration, delay and hindrances, when we are plunged into a state of mind that encourages deep, serious reflection and a harsh reassessment of one’s life, values, and direction. This introspective phase can prompt a return to fundamental principles and essential life skills, as we confront and re-evaluate aspects of our existence that may have been neglected or taken for granted. The inherent challenge and discomfort of this very conflicting process can lead to a feeling of gloom since it forces us to face our limitations, fears, and unresolved issues. However, it will pass, and though heavy and dark, it also holds the potential for significant personal growth and a profound deepening of our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

Laura Makabresku – “Anatomy of Melancholy”

Our Place in the World

When attempting to put the astrology of this lunation in the context of the current global backdrop of ideological, religious, political, and identity-based conflicts, we see how what is happening around us serves as a stark reflection of the tensions discussed. The Virgo Full Moon, emphasising our more shrewdly practical and discerning side, is instinctively kicking in now, trying to sift through and organise the chaotic influx of information and seemingly absurd and paradoxical ideologies that contribute to global unrest.

The world seems mired in confusion surrounding all kinds of perversely incomprehensible ideological and religiopolitical beliefs, fading notions of national identities, and mysterious border issues mirrored largely in the polarising effects of growing discrimination and intolerance based on fluid redefinitions of race, creed, colour, age, socioeconomic class, gender, and sexual orientation.

These divisions are not merely abstract concepts but have real-world implications, leading to conflicts and wars driven by utter intolerance for what is deemed as inadequacy or weakness. For example, the global state of mental health has deteriorated, with a significant increase in anxiety and depression, exacerbated by the post-pandemic aftershock of isolation, economic uncertainty, and immense health concerns. This universal lowering of well-being results in ​​looking for cheap and perfunctory solutions for our despair and ill-being. While it may be convenient to assign blame or look disdainfully upon ‘others,’ the reality is that we share a collective journey, with some perceived as more fortunate than others. Yet, the metrics of ‘fortune’ are subjective and complex. Inescapably, many find themselves ensnared in the harsh realities of eviction, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and addiction, underscoring the shared vulnerabilities that transcend individual circumstances. these are some of the mechanics behind Saturn’s transit in the watery Pisces.

Furthermore, we don’t need the Global Conflict Tracker to tell us about the increasing number of conflicts worldwide, with their profound and distressing effects on our psychological state. Many of us are aghast at the feeble or seemingly absent international relations and attempts to negotiate peace. These tensions and conflicts, often stemming from the myriad increasing intersectional divisions in our society, now coming to a threshold of indefensible cruelty, can be seen as a reflection of Saturn’s unmitigated demand for us to confront the reality of our situation and to make conscious choices about our collective future. This no-nonsense planet’s influence during this time is about recognising the need for change, gaining insight into the minutiae of the bigger problem, and accepting the need for forward movement to transcend the current state of division and conflict.

Other Factors

Embellishing the narrative of the Virgo Full Moon, we find ourselves amidst the electrifying sway of the Venus-Mars conjunction in the early degrees of Aquarius. This celestial alignment stirs within us an icy passion for radical change and an unyielding pursuit of freedom from the restrictive structures and anachronistic stereotypes that have long governed our notions of interpersonal relations. Venus, the goddess of peace and aesthetics, is embodied in our values and connections and aligns with Mars, the warrior planet of action and drive, both advocating for a revolution in our societal frameworks. Their union in Aquarius, a sign synonymous with innovation and collective consciousness, exemplifies a shared longing for an egalitarian relationship, one that transcends outdated and biased perceptions.

This drive towards finding a new solution to old problems; this need for reform is further intensified by their recent conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto’s transformative energy, now funneling through the lens of Aquarius, compels us to dismantle and rebuild the foundations of our communal interactions. The dark, power-obsessed planet’s ingress into Aquarius marks a pivotal shift, urging us to harness group power to instigate profound changes. However, this journey towards an ostensibly more inclusive society is fraught with the challenge of balancing individual and fringe-group needs with the “collective good”, a task that becomes all the more complex amidst the current landscape of dissent and division. Ultimately, the collective good might be at the expense of the enslavement or extinction of certain elements, so there’s that unpleasant possibility to entertain.

The Venus-Mars conjunction finds itself at odds with Jupiter in Taurus, creating a fixed square that highlights the tension between the progressive ideals of Aquarius and the entrenched material concerns symbolised by Taurus. Jupiter’s expansive nature in the realm of Taurus exacerbates basic concerns related to financial security. Under the premise of an inflated cost of living, ethical considerations are easily sidelined, or compromised, a conflict that raises pertinent questions about the true cost of progress and the sacrifices we are willing to make in pursuit of an ideal society.

However, Jupiter’s trine to the Virgo Full Moon and sextile to Saturn in Pisces offers a glimmer of hope, blending optimism with the necessary realism. This configuration encourages us to meticulously integrate our Virgoan need for practicality and order with the empathetic and compassionate qualities of Pisces. By doing so, we can weave our aspirations for a better society into the fabric of our everyday lives, ensuring that our pursuit of higher ideals does not detach us from the tangible realities we face.

Amidst all this is the North Node’s conjunction with Chiron in Aries, injecting a potent dose of individual empowerment into the mix. This alignment calls in a wave of healers, mavericks, and spirit warriors into our lives, each bearing the potential to guide us towards greater autonomy and resilience. The lessons imparted by these profoundly bold, audaciously pioneering figures are invaluable, teaching us all how to assert ourselves, stand firm in our convictions, and blaze a whole new path to independence with courage and determination.

This lunation, therefore, serves as a catalyst for both collective and personal transformation. As we navigate the complex web of societal expectations and personal desires, the celestial influences at play remind us of the delicate balance required to foster a society that honours both the individual and the collective. The journey ahead may be fraught with challenges, but the potential for growth and healing is immense, offering us a chance to redefine our place in a rapidly evolving world.

I know this has been a long report, but it’s important to know that this Virgo Full Moon illuminates a path forward that calls both for introspection and effective action. As we strive to reconcile our individual needs with the collective good, we are reminded that either end is dismissive or ignorant of the holistic influences that seek to guide us towards a future where respect, inclusivity, and personal integrity form the cornerstone of our societal structures. This lunation is not just a call to action; it is an invitation to reimagine our world, with love and unqualified compassion, for one and all, one courageous gesture at a time.

Of course, the insights shared above only scratch the surface. My horoscopes peer deeper into this situation through the distinct lens of your sign, offering personalised overviews and pathways on how to best navigate your way through these often trying times. They’re not just forecasts but a grounded approach in providing you with some tailored guidance, helping you align your journey with the cosmic rhythm. May they serve you well, and of course, should you require more intensive guidance, please book a private session through this link.

Many blessings on this Full Moon, and much gratitude for your support xx

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