“The Winds of Dissent”- The NEW MOON at 20°41′ Aquarius, Friday, February 09, 2024, 22:59 UTC

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[Visionary Dreamer by Signum Noir]

Greetings, Fellow Travellers,

New Moons mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle, an opportunity to move forward into uncharted territory. With the Moon in Aquarius this month, the cosmos generally calls for increased intellectual vigour, a focus on humanitarian issues, and a kind of forced pressure to extirpate our most horrendously untenable human traits via some profoundly radical changes. Needless to say, unless you are on the front line of the ‘getting better every day’ brigade (whatever that means to you), this could be one hell of an uncomfortable, perhaps deeply upsetting time.

Occurring at 20º40′, this lunation carries potently wild, unpredictable energies, not merely intensified by the square to its ruler, Uranus, but aided by the recent ingress of Mercury into Aquarius and the upcoming conjunction of Venus and Mars at 6º58′ on February 22nd. Additionally, the presence of Pluto at 0º38′ in Aquarius adds weighty undertones to its overall impact here, amping up the call for an entire series of radical transformations and reform. Thankfully, there’s a collective sense that the winds of change are upon us, prompting us to realign our sails for the journey ahead.

If the much heralded Age of Aquarius hasn’t fully dawned, rest assured, dear friends, the astrology of this moment fanfares its official curtain-raiser.

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The Light & Shade of It

Under the influence of Aquarius, the more positive manifestations of both the lunation and accompanying planets promise a greater commitment to truth-seeking and accelerated innovation. We may find ourselves drawn to more fact-based scientific inquiry, diving into intellectual pursuits with intense curiosity. Humanitarian concerns take centre stage as convivial sociability and a people-oriented approach characterise our daily interactions. Here, Aquarius’s cool, progressive spirit fuels a drive for societal reform and political activism, urging us to align our actions with our more elevated ideals. Unconventional thinking and originality abound, cultivating a climate ripe for inventive solutions and unique perspectives. Our intuition lifts from the personal to more collective wavelengths, becoming attuned to the universal Will, guiding one and all towards group-determined and resolute action in pursuit of freedom and independence.

In saying this, the shadow side of Aquarius also looms ominously, threatening to derail even our noblest intentions. Abstract and coolly rational, we must guard against becoming too detached and aloof, placing intellectual stereotypical ideologies over true empathy and kindness. Being of fixed-air, minds can become rigid under this sign. Intolerance of diversity in the way others think, especially if it fails to align with our own ideological constructs of ‘liberty and freedom’, breeds radicalism and utopian fantasies, leading either to impractical and pseudo-liberal ideologies or highly bigoted viewpoints. Stiff, utter rebelliousness and retaliative reactions sow seeds of chaos, as eccentricity and mule-like stubbornness undermine the spirit of cooperation and compromise among the greater society to which we think we belong.

Perhaps the most difficult expression of Aquarius comes when the pursuit of personal freedom devolves into sociopathic lawlessness and unrestrained individualism, one that blindly disregards the needs of the collective, a potential that is highly possible under the stress of the current backdrop of other stellar events.


In the face of the New Moon’s call to progressive life improvements and societal reform under Aquarius’s influence, the fixed square to Uranus in Taurus introduces formidable tensions in our midst. Uranus has been an annoyingly unruly presence through Taurus since 2018. Its impact, characterised by abstruse obstinacy and staunch conservatism, poses a formidable antithesis to our otherwise lofty, idealistic pursuits posed by this lunation. Uranus in Taurus, the sign of its fall, embodies an exceptionally uncompromising resistance to any progressive measures, fiercely defending traditional values and resisting any change that isn’t a return to its most basic, fundamentalist, earthily empirical nature.

As the lunation urges us towards radical transformations and humanitarian endeavours, this square from our closest extraterrestrial ‘God of Change’ presents a formidable barrier to our best intentions – not just externally but also internally through our nervous systems, instigating massively conflicting upheaval and discord in our state of ideological affairs, a phenomenon reflected both in our natural and supernatural dealings. Whilst the revolutionary clash between Aquarian ideals and wildly insurgent Uranian rigidity threatens to wildly, even violently disrupt even the most well-functioning cooperative efforts and undermine societal progress, this time of reckoning, where the tension between innovation and tradition reaches a critical juncture, demands that we somehow find a delicate balance between the necessities of bold experimentation and steadfast preservation. Hence, the square to Uranus serves as a stark reminder of the complexities inherent in carving out our current individual path towards some future sense of collective evolution, the challenge here being to confront the inherent contradictions within ourselves and society at large through the improvement of our local and global politics.


Of course, lunations are not divorced from their larger heavenly context, and their confluence with other astrological aspects further complicates this current event. The sextile from Eris adds a dissonant undertone, echoing the grievances of the marginalised and indigenous nature of every soul. Meanwhile, the tightening conjunction of another maverick, Chiron, to the Aries North Node heralds the rise of a cadre of brazen front-line warriors, now stepping up, poised to heal the wounds of injustice by putting their own ‘lives on the line’. The square between Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus underscores the ideological rifts tearing at the fabric of our economic and moral landscapes, exacerbated by the inflexibility of fixed signs in the face of escalating crises in cost of living and other supply chain issues.

And in our pre-dawn skies, Venus and Mars are slowly converging in the late stages of Capricorn, soon transitioning into Aquarius, where their imminent conjunction augurs how interpersonal passions will cool further, tempered by a sense of rational detachment, a narrative that redefines the contours of human relationships through the progressive lens of Aquarian egalitarianism and strange new innovative approaches towards one another.

The potently chthonic sway of Pluto, now gouging his way through the inaugural degrees of Aquarius, casts a long, shadowy influence over communal ideologies, stealthily intertwining his hypnotic powers over us with the pervasive tendrils of technological oversight and data-driven governance, aiming to potentially reforge the very foundations of our societal constructs in every way yet imaginable.

As Mars, now squaring Eris, edges closer to a critical conjunction with Pluto on the 14th of February, the air thickens with the whiff of impending strife. This unholy celestial alliance, forged at 00º46′ Aquarius, is a harbinger of intensified conflict and profound systemic change. The confluence of these planetary powerhouses signals a time of reckoning for the underlying power structures and societal frameworks that underpin our collective existence.


At the heart of this Aquarian lunation, a clarion call sounds, summoning the essence of revolution -not as an external spectacle but as a deeply internal metamorphosis. Sometimes, the only glimmer of hope lies in openly accepting that outright revolt and anarchy might be the only way forward. However, the true battleground for change is the terra incognita of the self, where the chains of conformity are shattered, and the authentic spirit is emancipated. This celestial moment implores us to discard the masks we wear in the masquerade of societal norms and to embrace the raw, unvarnished truth of our being. The path to widespread transformation is paved with the stones of personal enlightenment and rebellion against the internal tyrannies that bind our minds and spirits. It is here, in our ignorance of this, that the suffering and slavery are perpetuated.

[Gustav Arantes]

The essence of freedom, then, is not in the clamour of protest for change against the monoliths of existing realities but in the audacious act of envisioning and constructing new paradigms that render the old obsolete. True revolution does not merely rage against the machine; it reinvents the machine. It is the silent, relentless forging of a new model from within the belly of the beast, leveraging the system’s own mechanisms to engender a metamorphosis that is both subversive and transformative.

This lunation goes beyond beckoning us to a revolution underscored by the cacophony of conflict, instead beating the drum that allows us to easily dance to the rhythm of individuality and freedom. It whispers of a revolution that begins in the quiet corners of our souls, far from the prying eyes of the world, yet destined to ripple outwards in concentric circles of change. The Aquarian spirit defies the silence that suffocates and the fear that fetters, urging us to voice the truths that lie buried beneath layers of self-censorship and societal expectation. It challenges us to confront the cognitive dissonance that arises when our core beliefs are shaken, to embrace the discomfort that heralds growth.

In this era of Aquarius, we are reminded that our lineage is steeped in the legacy of immigrants and revolutionaries, of souls who dared to dream of new horizons and who braved the unknown for the promise of freedom. Our silence does not shield us; it merely shackles us more firmly to the status quo. The act of speaking out, though it may disrupt the peace and ruffle feathers, is a potent instrument of liberation. It is the first domino in a cascade of change that can alter the course of history.


When collective dissent manifests externally as revolution, its trajectory can significantly impact whether it leads to constructive change or destructive outcomes. The American Revolution serves as an example of a largely positive transformation, where the collective dissent against British rule led to the establishment of a new nation grounded in democratic principles, the rule of law, and individual freedoms. Key outcomes included the end of mercantilism, the fostering of economic growth and innovation, the drafting of state constitutions that expanded political participation and protected individual rights, and the promotion of religious and ideological toleration. However, history also serves us with warnings, reminding us that not all revolutions lead to such laudable outcomes.

In contrast, the French Revolution, despite beginning with ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity, veered into the Reign of Terror, characterised by extreme violence, mass executions, and political chaos. The radical phase, marked by the widespread use of the guillotine and the execution of thousands, including the reigning monarchy and perceived counter-revolutionaries, showcased how revolutions could devolve into bloodshed and tyranny. The resulting instability not only failed to establish a lasting democratic society but also set the stage for authoritarian rule under Napoleon Bonaparte, leading to further conflict across Europe. Similar consequences transpired under the Russians and Germans (Nazis) a century and a half later.

[Pavel Kuchinsky]

These contrasting outcomes highlight the delicate balance between the forces of change and the potential for chaos inherent in revolutions. While the American Revolution exemplifies how collective dissent can lead to positive and enduring societal transformations, the French Revolution serves as a cautionary tale of how such movements can spiral into violence and despotism when they lack restraint and succumb to extremism. The key difference lies in the ability to channel dissent into constructive reforms without descending into unrestrained violence, and power struggles that undermine the very ideals the revolution sought to uphold.


To engage with this revolutionary energy is to push beyond the boundaries of comfort, to challenge the status quo not only in the world around us but within the intricate labyrinths of our own being. It is to fall in love with the vision of what could be, to lose some companions along the way, but to gain others who resonate with the truth of our journey. It is to embrace the paradox of change, where the act of rebellion is as much about the celebration of life as it is about the challenge to authority.

The revolution beckoned by this Aquarian New Moon is not one that can be purchased or superficially adopted; it is a revolution of the spirit, a profound reclamation of autonomy and authenticity that transcends the physical and permeates the essence of our existence. It is a revolution that demands we speak truthfully, impeccably, that we stand in our truth, and that we dance to the beat of our own drum, for in the act of genuine self-expression lies the heart of true freedom.

Here, my New Moon horoscopes act as crucial guides; beyond just predictions, they offer pathways to empowerment. They help us navigate this wildly transformative phase, ensuring we welcome the brilliance of innovation and unity while avoiding the pitfalls of extreme radicalism. Let these horoscopes be your compass, leading you towards a future that embodies the true spirit of Aquarius: enlightened, equitable, and collectively empowered.

Many blessings on this New Moon, and much gratitude for your support xx

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