“Rebel, Rebel”: AQUARIUS NEW MOON LUNATION REPORT [Cosmic Bus #2405]

URANUS, now accelerating, will advance directly towards the final degrees of Taurus, pausing a mere 3 degrees shy of Gemini on Sep 1st, at which point the celestial sky-god will once again turn retrograde.

We won't see Uranus enter Gemini until July 2025 - the first cracklings of a new paradigm consciousness, until then, this live wire will help Pluto do the archaic empire-demolishing business, progressively electrifying the whole earth and everything on it, unbundling each and every little particle, digitally tagging and tracking its every move, creating a world so transparent that it's all there, blarrgh... exposed for all to see and do what must be done with.

Meanwhile, we're all about to be rattled, majorly. Our nervous systems, that is. Next week's Aquarius New Moon cops a proper hard-on square from its dispositor, an energy so erratic it can have us feeling so highly frustrated that, in some cases, can quickly escalate into most aggressive, potentially violent forms of expression if there is no suitable channels through which it can be released. The fact that Mars is also conjunct Pluto and squares Eris doesn't help either. So prepare yourself for WW3.

Are there any saving graces, you ask? Well, anything involving Uranus starts and ends quickly, with numerous aftershocks, and you can always count on a huge calamity to bring out the best, most innovative minds to start coming up with new solutions.

There's a lot to break down here, so please join us for this enthralling episode of COSMIC BUS.

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