“On the Borderline”: SCORPIO QUARTER MOON

Under this Scorpio quarter moon, it’s probably wise to reserve your most radical views on Scorpio matters—sexuality, the occult, or death—for more intimate settings rather than propagate them to the wider audience. People are not only fed up but also under a growing sense of cynicism about others’ motives (and the whole human race’s, in general), so they are prone to be highly resistant to your brand of hideousness and shut you down drastically. Better to be passionate among the very few who vibe on the same wavelength rather than dissipate your pearls before the swine. Stick with those trusties – those who will hold sacred space for your ’emotional development’ rather than squander yourself too widely.

It’s also possible that you can be captivated and enthralled by something one moment, only to turn cold and ruthlessly detached the next, especially toward things that don’t show their undying loyalty. Anyway, we’re getting fed up with social niceties and flagrantly performative butt-kissing efforts -the gloves come off now, – the objective here is to cut to the quick and administer the kind of swift, uppercut surgical incisions necessary to bring on the sort of revolutionary shifts we sorely need.

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