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I know, I know. These are serious times, with extremely heavy matters weighing on your mind. The air is dense with thoughts, and as MERCURY lines up with the SUN and SATURN within a fraction of a degree in the boundless seas of Pisces, the inner dialogue sinks deep into the abyss, where dense, inhibited thoughts, urge you to wade through the muddy waters of your psyche and deal with the gravest of decisions.

Despite the tendency to evade burdensome responsibilities, do not ignore the seriousness of issues that are riding your conscience right now. The sheer gravity imposed by Saturn imposes a depressiveness that only pressures you to find a new way of seeing things—a luminescence down among the depths, one that calls for adaptation.

Just a note to both the wiseguys and the folly fools out there, be wary- there’s no escaping Saturn’s harshly cruel world. The laws of gravity are very very strict. The veil between profound wisdom and the realms of fantasy and deception is as thin as paper. And just as easily as you may fool yourself or others, you can be blindly misled. Check your sources. Double doubt your authorised media reports. Be sceptical, but have the patience to listen. Arm yourself with clarity (clairvoyance) before you proceed, for in Pisces’ depths, your thoughts have the power to manifest as your most steadfast allies or your most insidiously worrisome foes, and if you continue with extravagances (see yesterday’s post), trouble could ensue.

Above all, if you’re gonna worry, worry about yourself.

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