JUPITER rules how we justify ourselves, how we make righteous claims, the rationale for our actions and the way we want to live, how we bolster ourselves up among the hobnobs, how we thrust ourselves out there in the town square or the worldwide marketplace, and the kind of noise we make about what we believe is the moral rectitude- the “right” and “wrong”-ness of it all.

Jupiter is our reason.

It’s also our excuse.

When Jupiter’s in Taurus, the true north of our moral compass always points to self-serving interests, and by that I mean what’s “right” is generally linked to the little voice that’s screaming “follow the money”.

VENUS/MARS, now conjunct, indicate where our lusts and passions lie, which, under the very prog-rock-of-ages groupthink evangelism of Aquarius skies are indeed not at all a hot-blooded place. It’s cool-minded, collectivistic idealist, somewhat detached from the adrenals and tempered by the allegiance to a common cause, with screwed-up eyes and screwed-down hairdo, like some cat from Japan.

Hence, if Venus and Mars have us very passionate at all right now, it is about all the social injustices and humanitarian atrocities, the disintegration of social and democratic order, and the need to rally and protest for greater equality and the eradication of all the disparities that lie between us. You might find them in your houses of parliament, local councils or on the X/Telegram/TikTok frontlines, flaming each other with leftist-rightist politicologia, advocating for ceasefire/bloodbath in Gaza and Ukraine, or freeing/lynching Assange, etc. They’ll be there, among all those who are in it purely for their own self-intere$t$, and under JUPITER’s square to VENUS/MARS, it will be hard to distinguish which is which and who is who.

In one sense the radical conservatism of the square to Jupiter should make us nervous about overextending ourselves too much in areas that are more than likely going to consume our precious, limited resources. After all, we don’t want to deplete our finances, nor bring about any personal discomfort, or invite disharmony into our partnerships, marriages, or other close-knit ties. In another, more intrinsic sense, the tendency toward indifference and laziness in both personal and social endeavours, as well as lapses into maudlin sentimentality and misplaced sympathy is off the charts.

In any case, whether you’re finding yourself awash with utter apathy and resignation, or buzzing around like a blue-arsed fly to woke-rally others behind your espoused cause (why?), don’t be surprised if all you’re getting is a bunch of “Meh”-like responses from the rapidly fatiguing world of mediocrity.

Whoever sang “We Can Be Heroes, just for One Day” was talking past tense.

Be mindful to not overextend yourself now. If you really want to change anything, follow the money trail all the way to the honey tree. You’ll invariably find a bloated, self-satisfied, obliviously indifferent bear, all chuffed at having gorged out on the feasts of yesterday. There’s your ‘hero’, right there. Good luck changing that.

Under this transit, it doesn’t matter how lofty the ideals and grandiose your reasoning. Actions speak, and typically, they’re ethically compromised and radically transfigured from the true “collective”. And, I don’t want to sound negative here, but it gets worse… much worse. It has to. It has to get much much more obscene before the revolution(s) start to roll out, like the tsunami that promises to bring us the return of…

…bah! Enjoy this while it lasts.

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