DARK MOON (plus your Capricorn New Moon Horoscopes & Intentions)

[image by Victoria Veil]

Dark Moon. With Pluto’s decade-and-a-half transit through Capricorn, these have indeed been the darkest and longest nights leading up to the Capricorn New Moon. Now, as we teeter on the cusp of Pluto shifting into Aquarius, the northern hemisphere plunges into the big colds. More than a seasonal shift though, this transition, happening in 11 days, is like a cosmic prelude to the stark, relentless chill of change. It’s a grim reminder of nature’s indifference, of the inexorable march of time and its outright erasure of our misgiven past.

As we pad ourselves against the physical cold, we also steel our minds, cultivating a fortitude that defies the looming unknown. This night, shrouded in introspection, our inner shadows dancing apparitions as our breath hits the frozen air. The Capricorn New Moon, besieged on each side by malefics, Mars and Pluto, transcends being just a mere celestial event; this lunation is a symbol of our stolid resilience, a resolution to face what lies ahead in the longer, colder, darker nights.

This is a time to embrace the darkness, to find solace in solitude and the silence it brings. The world may sleep under a frosty blanket, but beneath, life pulsates slowly, enduringly, mirroring our own resilience, just as it did for those courageous souls who came before us.

In this week’s horoscopes and intentions, I delve into the retrospective of immense lessons learned during Pluto’s journey through Capricorn. It’s a contemplation of the past, intertwined with a foresight into how today’s skies are realigning to deliver us boldly into tomorrow’s brave new world.

Have I built it up enough??
You don’t need me to tell you. If you’re connected to the rhythms of nature, you can feel that we are entering a time of profound transformation that will shake and reshape the very foundations of our existence… Now, here’s your scopes:

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