Awakening Through the Uranus Retrograde Cycle

Ok, so if you can imagine where you were around May 12 of last year, minus the level of dumbness about what was about to happen in your life till now- that’s where we’re at again today, with Uranus just stationed direct at that exact same degree (19°♉05′).

You’re the same person, just filled with insights about what was about to happen to you sometime in the near future, understand? The cyclical nature of Uranus retrograde, marked by its repetitive contacts over the same 4 degrees, serves as a catalyst for progressive layers of awakening and transformation of our consciousness. You and everyone else is now a little more ‘enlightened’. You are now a little more knowledgeable about stuff.

Through various unprecedented events over these last 7 months, you’ve undergone flashes of insight that have elevated your consciousness, if ever so slightly about what was about to shift for you. Initially, the shock of Uranus’ impact jolts us into awareness, revealing areas of life where change is necessary. This awakening can be unsettling, as Uranus (in Taurus) challenges our foundational beliefs and the security we derive from them. People, places, and things that once seemed sound and reliable are now not so much.

As Uranus makes its subsequent passes, each encounter deepens our understanding and integration of the changes that are unfolding. The first pass, since Uranus entered his Rx shadow in May 2023, may have illuminated what needs to shift, while the retrograde phase (29 Aug – Jan 27) offers us opportunities to suck it up, reflect, internalise the possibility that some things, probably (soon) ain’t gonna be there to support us any longer- a phase that allows us to process, come to terms with, and adapt to these awakening (albeit upsetting) revelations at a more subconscious level.

Actionable steps towards accepting change are now all lining up for you. Just know that by May 12 of this year (2024), you must be ready to deal with drastic alterations in your career path, significant changes in personal relationships, and most likely seismic shifts in your financial or material priorities. These changes are by no means superficial; they are earth-quaking shifts that, like them or not, are cosmically designed to align you more closely with your evolving sense of self and authenticity of being…

[image: Salvador Dali – Ascension]

The final pass of Uranus over these degrees (19°♉05′ – 23º♉04′) consolidates the lessons we have learned about detaching from baggage, offering a chance to get our head around the impending changes and integrate them into our lives more fully. This is a time of resolution and forward movement, where the initial shock and subsequent reflection now make way for a clearer understanding of the path ahead, why we MUST untether from the past in order to let the future fully take hold.

It’s ok. You’re gonna be fine without the baggage. Lighter, faster…

Throughout this cyclical process, the repeatedly rattling contacts of Uranus challenge us to usher in change, not as a singular event, but as a continuous journey towards self-realisation and evolving authenticity. The ultimate aim here, however disruptive and unsettling, is to emerge from this transit with a life that is not only different in its external manifestations but is also more deeply aligned with our true inner selves.

Sure, some might not like it and try to go back, particularly if the changes happened too fast to integrate. But this… well, we can talk about this and its perils another time…


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