Uranus Goes Direct at 19º05′ Taurus

All the stream that’s roaring by
Came out of a needle’s eye;
Things unborn, things that are gone,
From the needle’s eye still goad it on.

~W. B. Yeats

URANUS turns direct again, and if you’ve been touched by this retrograde period, which began at the end of August last year (at 23º04′ Taurus), you’ve likely undergone a profound period of internal upheaval and jolting moments of introspection, something akin to being jarringly disengaged from your most secure points of reference, thrust into a realm that felt both alien and deeply resonant with the most unexplored aspects of your being.

Uranus Rx is like a cosmic alarm clock, abruptly waking you to facets of your nature that had, prior to that stage, remained dormant or untested. Like an icepick to the forehead, Uranus’s retrograde motion, from 23º04′ back to where he is today at 19º05 Taurus, serves to reconnect us with parts of ourselves from which we’ve become disconnected or desensitised, usually leading to an internal revolution against systems and structures in our lives that no longer serve our holistic survival.


Something has shifted during this time, and it’s a jarring blow, but it does enough damage to make it so you feel tense and nervous enough to not be entirely at rest.

The essence of this experience lies in the tension between dismantling old models and the gradual formation of new paradigms. As Uranus transited retrograde through the last decanate of Taurus, a sign deeply associated with stability and material security, you were likely confronted with the challenge of redefining what “security” truly means to you. Put it this way.. you wouldn’t be the only one feeling the economic pinch right now, no matter how many billions you’ve got invested into this fairy-tale narrative of “ownership” and “property”. This is the 5th time since 2018 that Uranus has retrograde in Taurus; the 5-month transit prompting an urgent reevaluation of values, provoking a breakneck shift from external dependencies to a more authentic, internal sense of stability. If you have the ingenuity to come up trumps in the new game, then you’re excited. If not… chances are you’re packing it; just biden’ time till the inevitable upturn and vanquishing of everything you’ve held dear, and all it’s worth.

One of the most poignant experiences during this period has been the sensation of being ‘outside’ oneself, observing your life from a detached perspective. This 4D ‘observational mode’ might have led to sudden epiphanies about what parts of your life were no longer aligned with your future path. The anxiety and turbulence felt during this time were not just symptoms of disruption but signals pointing towards the urgent need for exploration and the embracing of new horizons.

Remember that time you dropped acid behind the bike shed, only to emerge hours later, your concept of life never to be same again?

As Uranus moves direct, the insights and transformations incubated during the retrograde phase are now ready to be integrated and actualised in a world slightly tilted. The forward motion of Uranus heralds a period of applying the revolutionary changes and new perspectives that have emerged from this time of introspection. The direct phase is about living out the truths unearthed, embodying the changes, and aligning your external life with the profound internal shifts experienced during the retrograde period. This is a time to embrace innovation, freedom, and authenticity, and to navigate the future with a renewed sense of purpose and openness to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Uranus now heads toward 21º49′ Taurus, where, on 21st April, he collides with JUPITER…

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