Astro Chaos 2024 (Cosmic Bus This Thursday)

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Ok, welcome to 2024, and you might have heard me mention what a crazy year this is set to be. Nobody really knows exactly how it will unfold, but rest assured, the effects won’t be subtle at all. For one, you will be left wondering what’s authentic and what’s clever deepfakery, and you might need to lift your powers of discernment if you wish not to have your agency devoured by the machine algorithm. We can expect catabolic developments in all things ‘trusty’, with extraneous forces pulling us to the extreme edges of faith and propaganda. Brace for a toe-curling Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in April, igniting explosive advances and revolutionary breakthroughs in everything of value. This year also heralds Pluto’s full transition into Aquarius, sparking a series of epochal societal shifts that lead to collective transhuman consciousness. Prepare too for a firestorm of events, with Aries/Libra eclipses incinerating the very foundations of peace, love, and understanding. Jupiter squares Saturn twice, while the grim Saturn/Pluto duo returns with a persistent semi-square in the year’s latter half, amidst some tantalising trends from the outer planets…

Join me Thursday for an in-depth analysis, only on Cosmic Bus!

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