The Battle of 2024

Being horribly wrong is bad enough, but refusing to acknowledge it is far worse. The gravest mistake, though, is inflicting our misguided convictions upon others, leaving scars that will outlive us. This unchecked hubris spirals into a vortex of regrets; a haunting legacy of decisions steeped in arrogance and dogma, unleashing irreversible consequences that ripple through future generations in ways we can scarcely fathom.

We are, after all, the descendants of such atrocities.

But we are also master strategists, each move an opportunity to correct past blunders with foresight and precision.

As we approach 2024, this stark reality becomes the backdrop and impetus of our endeavours. We’re embroiled in a strategic battle with our darker selves, a challenge that demands we face the most deceptive aspects of our human nature. It becomes an internal battle with far-reaching consequences, shaping a world teetering between the best and worst of times.

I know that you don’t want to hear this, and year after year, I come on here warning you about the ominous signs ahead. Our self-centred choices are the echolalia of the future, a solemn reminder of our responsibility in the face of monumental change. 2024 becomes the year it all happens just outside our doorstep, and it’s incumbent upon us to step up and make an epic move.

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