[art: Daria Petrilli]

Venus now joins Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius, adding another dimension to the quest for broader understanding and truth through sharing our whopping stories. However, their challenging squares to Saturn and Neptune in Pisces suggest an inconsolable struggle between idealism and reality, a tension which could easily feed the anguish of confusion or disillusionment.

The Sun’s ingress into Capricorn grips us into a new level of realism, as the recent Full Moon in Cancer underscored… “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”: The FULL MOON at 04°58′ Cancer …The Sun heads towards Pluto, now near the end of Capricorn. The current astroclimate is a complex struggle between personal truth, societal truth, and the stability of a state becoming more and more authoritarian- a delicate balance between order and chaos. Today’s champions of “truth and lies” narratives, whether they’re on the right or the left, point directly to a relationship between the individual’s willingness to subvert their own speech and to speak known lies and the totalitarian excesses of the state.

Historically, we’ve seen periods where personal truths and societal norms intersect, stressing the need for a shared framework to maintain harmony and prevent discord. There have been times, perhaps recently, yet not quite in our times when the subversion of personal truth and the acceptance of falsehoods have paved the way for maniacal totalitarian regimes.

Chiron and Jupiter turning direct signal a shift towards healing and expansion. It’s a period calling for the integration of individual perspectives within a collective context. A well-managed state, akin to a harmonious household, balances various needs and desires through ongoing dialogue and compromise. The balance between personal experiences (subjective truths) and a universally accepted Truth is crucial for societal coherence. This universal truth forms a common ground, enabling individuals to coexist and collaborate. It represents a complex interplay of personal integrity, societal norms, and political structures.

Yet, we are traversing through a most problematic time. The Cancer Full Moon’s lessons, combined with the tension between the Sagittarius and Pisces, highlight uniquely incompatible ideals and the delicate need to balance personal freedom with collective responsibility, and the potential for full-blown chaos, if this balance is not maintained, becomes critical as we are about to enter a new year. Just know this: 2024 has all the portents of becoming the most tumultuous year in living memory. All because we can’t find it in our hearts to agree…

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