“Judgments Unhinged”: The ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE at 21°♎08′, Saturday, October 14, 2023, 17:56 UTC

While many sensed that the final Supermoon of 2023 in fiery Aries lit the fuse for a “Cosmic Powderkeg,” the full extent of its impact was beyond our wildest conjectures—and still is. The malevolent energies of Pluto and Eris obscure much, revealing the depths of their darkness only in slithers and fragments, perhaps only further distorting the picture. Post-September 23 Equinox, we were all but guaranteed seismic shifts whose magnitude was unprecedented in our lifetimes. Indeed, the intricate geometry of the September 29 Supermoon’s ‘Hard Cradle’ ignited societal paradoxes, propelling folks into “battles for freedoms that, ironically, they may be ill-equipped to handle.” This celestial unrest was merely a prelude to the eclipse season. Further exacerbating tensions, Mars, then misaligned along the Libra South Node during the Aries Supermoon, has since triggered another horrific conflict among contentious neighbouring tribes. As we gear up for the year’s second eclipse at 21°08′ Libra, we stand at the precipice of a monumental universal reckoning.

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The Annular Solar Eclipse

An annular eclipse occurs when the apogee Moon, farther than usual from the Earth, passes in front of the Sun, leaving a ring-like “annulus” of fiery brilliance. This celestial spectacle, visible in the early daylight hours across a swath of the U.S. and Central America, is not your mere sky-gazing fodder. Occurring once every six months, eclipse implications are profound and wide-ranging. This South Node eclipse acts like a cosmic circuit breaker, shutting down energy outflows and issuing a celestial “stop order.” Things must cease. To clear the way for evolutionary growth, we must cast aside practices and trends that have grown so heavy they’ve become soul-crushingly burdensome.

Libra isn’t just about balance, peace and harmony; At the South Node, a Solar Eclipse is the harbinger of imbalance and breakdowns in negotiations, particularly after Mars’s incendiary activation during the Aries Supermoon. Whether in our personal relationships or global foreign relations; be they in our social media feeds, over-the-fence encounters, or internal dialogues, it’s time to quit the schmaltzy niceties and charades and get real. This celestial event, opposed by Chiron/Eris, T-squared by Pluto and quincunxed by Uranus, is a monumental glove-slap; a siren song for true authenticity, even if it procures conflict and strife.

Brace for disruption: legal quagmires, diplomatic failures, and collapsing alliances. Mars’s activation of this eclipse degree has escalated this to explosive levels, heightening risks of conflict—international or otherwise. Not only do efforts for arbitration, legislation, and contracts face gridlock and collapse, but personal relationships will also bear the brunt—marriages strained, divorces expedited, and gender/race/religious/political disputes won’t find resolution; in short, instead of pacifying, a Libra South Node eclipse will only intensify imbalances.

Opposition to Chiron and Eris at the North Node

The imminent fusion of the Chiron and Eris archetypes at the North Node end creates a paradoxical blend of a healer-disruptor. While Chiron empathises with wounds, teaches, and heals, Eris dislodges, destabilises, and provokes. Combined, these forces form a radical outsider, a “wounded upstart”—healing through disruption or disrupting to heal. This paradoxical energy is a brimming cauldron of long-standing activism, focused on subverting the status quo while offering paths to recovery, often through inflicting pain. It’s not merely the frenzied act of obliterating what no longer works out of utter desperation; it’s also about imparting a grave lesson through acts of grievous devastation. The aim is to reconstruct through total annihilation but from a vantage point steeped in the wisdom gleaned from hardship and exclusion.

In the context of the last Chiron/Eris conjunction in 1971-72, this was a period marked by a host of tensions and breakthroughs. The U.S. was deeply entangled in the Vietnam War, causing generational rifts and protests; civil rights and feminist movements were shaking the societal foundations. The Pentagon Papers were released, ripping off the bandage on government deceit; the Cold War continued to create international tension; the Watergate Scandal was about to break, leading to a crisis of confidence in American governance. Many things in the collective psyche became rattled, whilst individually, in medicine and healing, awareness and understanding of PTSD came to the fore.

The Chiron/Eris archetype carries the stigma of not only being wounded, but the indignity of being marginalised, pushed to the fringes, or relegated to societal “ghettos.” It’s an energy that speaks to both personal and collective pain—the bruises we bear and the stigma we endure. Socially, disenfranchised groups, driven by a sense of both woundedness and rage, seek to find their voice, claim their space and rights, refusing to be silenced. In a way, these events bear the hallmark of the Chiron-Eris energy: exposing painful truths and the ugly sides of governance, shaking us out of complacency, pushing marginalized issues to the forefront, and calling for reforms.

As their midpoint is activated by the opposition to this Libra solar eclipse, and with another conjunction on the horizon for 2025-26, we might expect an amplification of these themes but at a higher octave. Escalating tensions between the ‘outcasts’ and ‘elites,’ rising activism, uncomfortable disclosures of societal wounds, and a call for radical reforms become themes that can no longer be denied. And given the current state of the world, with social divisions and the global crisis, the upcoming activation could serve as a catalyst for ugly scenes that stir the collective consciousness into revolutionary changes in the way we heal societal wounds.

T-Squaring Tensions

A South Node Libra eclipse calls for a cold, hard look at our collective social pitfalls—compelling us to scrutinise some of this Cardinal Air sign’s most unsavoury traits that lurk within us all.

From paralysing indecisiveness and superficial snobberies to virtue signalling and performative alliances, the list of disingenuous tactics we need to lose in order to improve our world goes on. People-pleasing tendencies, trite niceties, passive-aggressiveness, co-dependencies, obnoxious vanities and the sort of emotional detachment that leaves others out in the cold—all are up for celestial review. It’s not enough that this eclipse riles up transgenerational wounds of Chiron/Eris, but T-Squaring Pluto, now direct in late-degree Capricorn, launches matters into an irrevocable series of troubles. Pluto—lord of the underworld—square to both the eclipse and the Chiron/Eris mix at the North Node, acts like the invisibly powerful cosmic puppeteer pulling at the seams of societal integrity.

Since 2008, Pluto’s crawl through Capricorn has been systematically upending power structures, reaching a peak of subterfuge and control tactics post-2019. Its direct turn now acts like a demonic release valve, exacerbating existing fissures. This heavy-weight planet is not just revealing but relishing in the dark underbelly of systemic deceit. It amplifies the culture of silencing and censorship, the ostracism, the “shadow witchhuntery,” turning each of us into hyper-vigilant agents of our own complicit oppression.

Amidst this climate, dissent is not just silenced but vilified, demonised, and systematically eradicated. Trust erodes, replaced by a cocktail of fear, self-censorship, and conformity. Pluto’s square to the Nodal axis amplifies the agony, making collective healing a Sisyphean task.

This celestial standoff is not just a moment; it’s a threshold. It’s an invitation to stare down the systemic “daddy-trauma” and societal abuse enabled by Pluto’s iron grip. The shadows are dark, and the scenes will be grotesque. But confronting this collective spell head-on is the only path to societal transformation—a journey toward a future where authenticity isn’t just allowed but celebrated.

But wait, there’s more…

While Pluto in Capricorn manipulates the collective shadow, throwing our societal skeletons out of the closet, Uranus in Taurus introduces a wildcard, a wrench in the machinery of both our material and relational worlds. This dissonant aspect creates a psychic discord—a restless itch that disrupts the status quo. Its quincunx to this eclipse rattles all social foundations, shattering long-standing beliefs about interpersonal values, economics, and relationship dynamics.

You could call this the celestial trifecta of existential dread. On one hand, Pluto, in late-degree Capricorn, triggers a dark night of the societal soul, revealing the rot of deeply-rooted systems of control. On the other, Uranus in Taurus rattles our individual and collective sense of security, shaking the earth beneath our feet. Nothing calls for financial independence, bodily autonomy, and land sovereignty like Uranus in Taurus. Its quincunx to the Libra South Node Eclipse serves as the revolutionary Molotov cocktail to the whole eclipse T-square.

In a most uncomfortable flash, during the darkest moment of this eclipse, Uranus exposes the pretence, the masks, the curated realities—all of Libra’s less-than-ingratiating traits, causing them to writ large in the cosmic sky, disrupting any chances of sweeping any of Pandora’s ills under the rug again. The gig is up. This eclipse is ruthlessly peeling back the façade, revealing the ugliness that lurks behind the masks of social niceties and false alliances.

Beyond just a trifling momentary glitch in the cosmic matrix, this disruption to our consciousness precipitates a full-on systemic purge. No more hiding behind performative alliances or maintaining superficial airs and graces. In a world already teetering on the brink due to Pluto’s dark manipulations and Uranus’s erratic shifts, this Libra South Node Eclipse is the unwavering cosmic mirror forcing us to confront and discard our most unsavoury social tendencies. You can keep trying it on, but nothing yanks the curtains down on the performative dance we’ve been locked in like this South Node Libra eclipse.

In essence, the double curveball of an Eclipse/Uranus quincunx forces a celestial breaking point—an absolute need for both internal and external recalibration to our entire value system. Every cherished facet of our lives—from relationships and financial security to cultural liberties and intellectual freedoms—is under siege. If you are feeling pulled in conflicting directions—stretched to your limits but also compelled to break old moulds, then you are at least awake to the demands of radical authenticity. Falling back on negative Libra traits like indecisiveness or avoidance won’t serve you now. This is seriously no time for fence-sitting or lazy, self-aggrandising game-playing. Sure, the road ahead may tempt you to take sides in polarising issues, but that’s only a distraction, a cop-out.

The real challenge is to confront your own shadows and inconsistencies. Step into exploring the complexity; don’t oversimplify it into false dichotomies. Taking sides can be a refuge for those unwilling to confront the messy, nuanced realities we all face. The best way forward? Engage deeply, boldly, sincerely, and hold your beliefs lightly (if at all). There are no “rights” or “wrongs”, “goods” and “bads” here – it’s all just a matter of perspective. This is what the Libra South Node wants us to learn and to let go of. Come back to centre and be ready to evolve as new truths emerge. Radical authenticity demands no less.

Perspective makes all the difference…

Of course, your individual journey is far more nuanced and the choices you make are far more complex than the above themes. This is why I have prepared your special eclipse horoscope messages, each explaining how these themes play out for your respective sign, be sure to read both your Sun & Rising sign to get the full picture; many blessings xx

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