“Dire Negotiations”: TAURUS LUNAR ECLIPSE LUNATION REPORT [Cosmic Bus #2341]

MARS entered Scorpio (last Thursday), as will MERCURY (this Sunday), and the SUN (Monday).

Any time planets shift from Libra to Scorpio, the gloves come off. Libra is cool, tries to stay reasonable. But Scorpio is a water sign... fixed, and since still waters run deep, emotions are stirred from the pits of Hades, feelings get triggered and, as we've been seeing for the past week, all hell threatens to break loose at often indistinguishable provocation.

Watch astrology in action, it's frightening. The transition from Libra to Scorpio is like switching from rational debate to a filthy no-holds-barred cage fight to the death. Libra's airy diplomacy and never-ending rhetoric gives way to Scorpio's intense emotional excavation. Things turn from courtroom to battlefield. Whereas Libra is about weighing options and wokeisms, Scorpio goes straight for the jugular.

Enough with the "maybe this, maybe that"—it's raw, unyielding focus and digging until hitting the uncomfortable truth and you start to get "screw this, screw that". Subterranean motives, bottled-up feelings, and unresolved tensions rise like phantoms from the underworld. Folks become combustible, and situations teeter on the edge of eruption; the stakes are higher; consequences more drastic. But hey... that’s where the magic happens: in that cesspit of intensity and emotional grittiness. Transformation isn’t polite, and Scorpio doesn’t pretend it's anything other than a dirty, gruelling business...

Join us here on Cosmic Bus as we discuss Sunday's explosive Quarter Moon, next week's Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and much more...

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