EQUINOX SPECIAL: “A Journey Through Libra” [Cosmic Bus #2338]

Libra month, ruled by Venus, is in her "Morning Star" facet. Her dark potency is not to be underestimated. Commonly referred to as "Lucifer", Venus as Morning Star is the "light-bringer" a position that lends Venus an aura of raw, transformative energy, urging us to confront the depths of our desires and relationships.

With the SUN debilitated in Venus-ruled Libra and VENUS in Sun-ruled Leo, their mutual reception amplifies their interconnected energies, casting a glow of aesthetically and politically aspirant yet hopelessly indecisive vibes over the month. Furthermore, with Venus' command over Mars in Libra and that ominous South Node Libra Solar eclipse, we can expect a season rife with powerful romantic skirmishes, squabbledeegooks in partnerships, and grave lessons in navigating through global geopolitical imbalances.

So join us here for our regular cosmic ride, where I discuss at length all the pivotal planetary moments that set the stage, climaxing, of course, with the mysterious annular eclipse mid-October.

Enjoy this short snippet (members, login below to view the entire 60-minute discourse):

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