YODs, CLODs and ACTs of GODs. Current Transits


You’re feeling it, aren’t you? That relentless tension and unrest, undergirded by an insatiable drive to stay in the game, desperate to remain viable, even when your actions, perhaps verging on the despicable, may be deemed unforgivable; nagged by a vague uncertainty, an insecurity gnawing at your very core, you find yourself playing both protector and manipulator, slyly contriving events to fall in your favour, imposing your supremacy on those closest to you, a puppet master only dimly conscious of the entanglement you’re in; feigning ignorance, flirting with the monster within, teetering on the brink of losing control, ensnared in your own deceptive web of perjury and lies, a willing participant in toxic power struggles; about to to awaken to the perilous collision course between constitutional patriarchal rigidity and woke-like progressive idealisms, you find yourself embroiled in a brutal internal war, fueled by nature’s most primordial evolutionary urges, engaged in a deep soul-searching quest that pits the archaic against the avant-garde, summoning you to face daunting trials and insurmountable obstacles as you grapple with your destiny; and though you’re burdened by the crushing, unbearable weight of this profound, existential moment, within the darkest recesses of your being, you somehow find the unanticipated, resolute strength to rise above it, transcending the turmoil and forging a path that’s uniquely yours.


In Sun transits, we see aspects of our psyche come to light; be made conscious, even those most hidden in the nether regions of our collective psyche. In the quincunx to Neptune (see yesterday’s post), we saw the Self, caught between heroism and vulnerability, prone to exploitation and disappointment, urged to gratify spiritual needs. In the quincunx to Pluto, the Sun shows us relentless tension, manipulative tendencies, brutal internal struggles, and the will to transcend personal turmoil.

Just as they did three weeks ago with stationing VENUS, the SUN now activates this same focal point at around 28º Leo, forming the portentous “yod” pattern.

The yod is no simple aspect in astrology; it’s an intricate, complex configuration involving three planets, two in sextile and both quincunx to a third, the apex or focal point. This pattern is imbued with tension and purpose, often referred to as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God,” not because it’s divine, but because it’s demanding.

In this particular yod, with the Sun at the apex quincunxed by Neptune and Pluto, we’re dealing with a most awakening moment.

Sun quincunx Neptune lays a fog of confusion, a disillusionment where your very essence is tempted into a seductive lure to blindly sacrifice yourself. Teetering between nobility and naiveté, it can be a treacherous game because whilst you want to be the hero, instead, you risk finding yourself swindled, lost in the vast ocean of others’ deceits and illusions.

Sun quincunx Pluto hits harder. It’s a raw, relentless pursuit of power and domination, shadowed by obscurity and complexity. You’re pulled towards doing everything and anything just to survive, but also an awakening to a vulgar contradiction of inner values, an upheaval, a revolution within yourself.

The yod, this specific configuration, doesn’t just sit there; it prods, it pokes it joust at you to wake up. Lika a celestial alarm clock without a snooze button, it’s relentless and getting louder. It’s as if the universe is forcing you into a corner, saying, “Deal with this. Now.” The harmonious sextile between Neptune and Pluto whispers possibilities, but the quincunxes scream demands.

This yod is not a gentle nudge; it’s an aggressive force, pushing you to confront your deepest fears, forcing you to confront the contradictions within yourself. Projected outwards in your relationships to the world, it becomes a mirror into the abyss of your soul, challenging you to integrate disowned parts of yourself, to evolve beyond the trite and superficial dalliance with nonsense, to rise above the chaos, and to fully own the raw, gritty truth of your existence. Spearheading this week’s transits, this yod is a crucible of self-realisation, pointing us to a path fraught with peril, but one that—if navigated with courage—leads to a profound transformation.


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The square tension between these otherwise “soft” planets is one of overindulgence in aesthetics and luxury. Given that Venus in Leo is involved, the danger of overdoing it with the “look at me, I’m special” routine. due to her last couple of weeks in retrograde, Venus actually stays in square to Jupiter for the next month, dragging out all manner of relationship drama matters to regurge and reviz. I’ve taken a bit of a satirical spin on this:

Let’s cut the crap. Let me take this rare VENUS square JUPITER moment just to blurt out loud what I think we both know – this ain’t working and here’s a few reasons why It’s obvious that you’re not as great as you think…

1. You’re like a glam rockstar without a tour manager: all flash, no substance. Sure, you’re a legend; when the martini’s are flowing, but come sunrise you’re a dumpster fire. Keep partying, darling; reality’s waiting to slap you sober like a little bitch!

2. You’re as fickle as f*ck: Your word’s about as good as an ice cone in the Sun, Your deals? Might as well be toilet paper. It’s the ‘MeToo Show’ where we’re all just cringe-suffering extras.

3. Oh, Captain Deffenso, you’re so denso. Talk about your problems with problems with authority? Watching you handle a straight forward instruction is like watching a 3-year old princess throwing her tiara. Think daddy’s out to ruin this for you, don’t you? Newsflash: You’re your own self-appointed pooper, darling.

4. and omg, you think you’re so generous, lol. A regular Mother Teresa with a credit card? Sure, you “give” alright, but it’s always an unending entaglement. Charity? Ha!! More like a down payment for your gargantuan ego. “Generosity”? Just an excuse for a gratuitous self-award ceremony. Don’t sprain your arm patting yourself on the back, at the ‘Philanthropy awards”, there….

5. As for your claim to fame.. potential’s there, but you’re too busy flushing it. down the gurgler “Mediocrity” should be your middle name. Dreaming of penthouses but can’t climb past the second rung on the ladder? Waffling on about gold medals but allergic to effort? Here’s your latest GPS update, Suckeroo: “Destination: Dead-end, and you’re the damned chauffeur.”

6. and talk about your attention whores: You strut and preen like a freakin flamingo, but you’re a desperate canditate for validation deficit disorder. No mate… not the flaming superstar you think you are. You’re a infantile wannabe, clamouring for pity, if anything, willing to lie, cheat and deprecate to get “some”.

7. As for your feeble attempts at love? Maybe drop the con artist gig. All your sleazy little mind games? They’re leaving you dateless by design. Think you’re the prize? More like prize goose at the mother’s club convention. You say you’re a real catch? More like a trap…

8. You don’t need fanfare, Luv, you need an ear-shattering wake-up call: Stop being a child; blaming the world for your failures; expecting everyone else to pull up their act because you’re too precious to get your act together. No point in having all the best tools, if you can’t locate the toolbox? Kill the attitude, the sulking, the conceited “too good for this crap” crap. Make a move or stay redundant.

9. My Expert Health Alert: Sure, you look sexy on Insta, but your body’s not a dumpster, genius. Pumping it with garbage and smoking it from both ends? You’re one Marvel hero who isn’t getting a reboot next summer. You’re blowing up like a Chinese spy balloon. Maybe hit pause on the lard-intake button. Or don’t. Your funeral. Literally…

Cosmic Disclaimer: Of course, i don’t mean to offend anyone/everyone – this is “just me channelling the stars”. Venus is fabulous in Leo, even when she’s retro-strutting her tail back down the cosmic catwalk. But Jupiter in Taurus will inflate everything to its lowest common denominator. If you’re in any way connecting to any of the above, then yeah… maybe time to square up.

For a more serious take on Venus Rx, read this


Transiting MARS in Virgo opposing NEPTUNE in Pisces will force us to face the shadows and illusions projected within our relationships. The risk of deception and evasiveness escalates, and misunderstandings worsen, particularly among close ties, leading to crises. Recent emotional upheavals, amplified by subconscious distortions, have led to mistrust and a rise in secretive conduct. A lurking fear of deceit or exploitation can erode trust. Burgeoning yet concealed desires challenge even the most resilient bonds, inciting a pullback from social engagements. This is not the time to run but to look into things, meet them head-on. Amidst a slew of retrogrades, this transit compels introspection and a reckoning with our illusions, forcing a grip on any morsel reality. Discerning the source that’s casting these shadows and addressing internal dilemmas can transform relationships immensely, cultivating profoundly healing bonds and renewed clarity. Honest, loving, open conversation, vigilance to deceptions and finding some grounded stability are most important.

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  1. What the F… Has bitten into YOU, Mr. Negative Vibes???!!!

    • no, this was art, fictional scenarios off the present day musical score of the Venus square Jupiter in Those signs. These things could be happenning to people Or Not depending on their reactiveness to the issues present. The only “vibe” I detect is Ang’s goofiness, and effort putting these things into words.

  2. Daaaang Ang!!! 🤣
    That’s some no-sugar-coating channeling you transmitted!
    We’re all gonna have to face the shadow sh*t sooner or later… much much sooner prolly!
    As always, deep appreciation for your clear and true voice!