The “Breakaway” Month: AUGUST 2023

The majority of this month is dominated by the Sun in Leo, flanked by Venus, in retrograde throughout August. The two form an “inferior conjunction” on August 13th. Mercury, also slowing to retrograde holds a close conjunction with Pallas Athena for the duration of the month, together sifting strategic solutions through a fine sieve.

Mercury’s maximum elongation from the Sun in the morning sky, known as its greatest western elongation, occurs on August 22nd. the Sun transitions into Virgo on August 23rd, from which point, Mercury assumes the role of chief dispositor, on the same day he joins Venus in his own retrograde. These “inferior planets” of Mercury and Venus maintain their retrograde (Rx) positions throughout the remaining days of August.


Action planet Mars, deemed astrology’s trigger-planet, exerts its influence this month when it aligns with the Pluto/Nodal midpoint on the same day as the first Supermoon of the month. This occurrence sets the tone for more intense astrological events that follow as Mars then forms a trine to Uranus mid-month.

August’s 16th is particularly noteworthy, marked by the fiery Leo New Moon squaring Uranus, a tense lunation that channels a powerful, breakaway energy, a “war on the contra, unreasonable and disruptive.” It forces a radical break with pre-existing conditions, propelling us into a spell of chaos and uncertainty as many of us struggle to assert boundaries of dignity and respect….

“Nothing Compares”: AQUARIUS SUPERMOON: Tue Aug 01 2023, 18:32 UTC

Later in the month, the Sun encounters an ominous opposition to Saturn on the 27th, bringing potential challenges or tests of authority. Uranus, god of change and upheaval, then retrogrades on the 28th, adding to the overall unpredictability of the month. By Sep 4th, all planets will be retrograde.

The month concludes with a second Supermoon on the 31st, (“Blue Moon”), conjunct Saturn in Pisces, adding gravity to the already charged atmosphere.

Throughout this month, the healing asteroid Chiron is locked in a 16th harmonic with dreamy Neptune, galvanised by Saturn between the 14th and the 17th, when Neptune forms a midpoint that could introduce all kinds of lugubrious stats of soul-sickness. We will do well to stay buoyant and keep affairs above water.

The Moon’s Nodes activate the contentiously ‘Darwinian’ Pluto/Eris midpoint, amplifying long-standing clashing energies between establishment and the ‘useless class’. Notably, Eris, the dwarf planet associated with strife and discord, comes closer to the North Node, suggesting a collective unravelling of yet unseen proportions.

It’s not a restful, easy month, but when things swing wildly from edge to edge, something’s just gotta break.

I’ll be back Thursday to do a full report, meantime enjoy the Full Moon, and read your ‘scopes…