“Strange Realisations”: The PISCES SUPERMOON at 07°♓25′, Thursday, August 31, 2023, 01:36 UTC

It’s not that Virgo season is dull, but after the fiery energy of Leo season, it is a period of coming back down to earth and knuckling down to attending to life’s practical concerns. From August 23 to September 23, this zodiac phase offers a shift from the dramatic flair of Leo to a calmer, more attuned appreciation of everyday material reality. Jolted by other stellar events like Mercury’s recent retrograde, this season is laden with an end-of-holidays/back-to-school vibe, which can sometimes get a little on the nerves. In any case, Virgo season is an invitation to refine our lives, focusing on optimising our routine and seeking better ways to approach life’s usual mundane challenges. One week in, this season is blessed with Full Moon energy, a perfect marker now to end frivolities, ground ourselves, reevaluate our goals for the year ahead, and steadily work towards them.

The Pisces Supermoon

The Full Moon at 7°25’ Pisces on Thursday, August 31, is no mild or dull affair, by any means. It is our third lunation this month, August’s second supermoon, which, of course makes it a “blue moon”, and the biggest (closest to earth) supermoon of 2023. But it is its close proximity to Saturn that makes this lunation particularly significant for us. Saturn’s stoic, disciplined nature, juxtaposed with Pisces’s emotional depth and intuitive qualities, produces a profound inner reflection and realisation of our emotional strengths and limitations.

Expect some degree of frustration, delays, psychological pressures, periods of sullen introspection, and mysterious revelations. This celestial alignment signals a time when dreams meet discipline. It demands that we balance our intuition with pragmatism. Many will face hard truths that may leave a haunting spell, which, if navigated wisely, can be life-transforming, marking this a pivotal moment in personal and collective evolution. Those tuned into these cosmic rhythms might witness the sad disintegration of structures and established institutions, the dying of the old order making way for the birth of new paradigms. 

Pisces Moon vs. Virgo Sun: The Dilemma between Dreams and Details

With its mutable modality, the Pisces Moon effortlessly flows with rich emotional undercurrents drawn from its water triplicity that embodies deep intuition and sensitivity. As the domicile of Neptune, Pisces magnifies compassion, weaving expansive emotions with dreamlike realms. This moon serves as an immediate conduit to the subconscious, inviting us to explore the vast seas of mysticism and intuition. However, a conflict arises as it culminates against the meticulous Virgo Sun. Always detail-oriented and practical, Virgo clashes sharply with Pisces’ vague boundaries and overflow of emotion. It’s a back-and-forth tussle between logic and intuition, a challenge to marry dreams with reality, urging us to find a sweet spot between the ethereal and the tangible aspects of our lives.

Saturn in Pisces & the Full Moon: A Paradox of Shadow and Light

With Saturn retrograding in Pisces, this full moon intensifies the feelings of hesitation, pushing many to cloister their emotions and innermost thoughts. An overshadowing sense of loneliness, often morphing into deep-seated depression and acute pessimism, can be palpable. While this gloom may paint life in more sombre hues than it genuinely possesses, it’s vital not to surrender entirely to these desolate sentiments.

Domestic spheres might become battlegrounds of discontent, stemming from an underlying sentiment of deprivation— a nagging belief that one’s home life is failing to nourish the soul, intertwined with a broader sensation of receiving minimal support from the universe. At the heart of these turbulent emotions lies a disconnect, either a stark detachment from one’s feelings or an overwhelming aversion to confronting the lurking shadows within. This period pulls the curtains on one’s perceived dark facets, igniting a fierce battle between self-image and internal expectations.

Past transgressions may resurface, especially in the presence of individuals adept at evoking guilt. Relations with women, irrespective of gender, become challenging terrains to navigate. Men grapple with suppressed feminine energies, while women confront palpable dissatisfaction. Given this emotional maelstrom, it’s prudent to steer clear of decisions that could ripple through one’s emotional waters.

Aries North Node & Eris Influence: Catalysts for Evolutionary Changes

As it inches towards a conjunction with Eris (Sep-Nov), the Aries North Node introduces dynamically provocative and disruptive energy into this cosmic mix, especially when forming a semi-square to the Pisces Full Moon. Here’s a synthesis of the forces at play:

  1. Aries North Node: A spiritual beacon for individualism, assertiveness, and initiation. It heralds a call to boldly pursue our desires, act with courage, and lead fearlessly and with a sense of urgency. The presence of the North Node in Aries propels us towards carving new paths and taking decisive actions.
  2. Eris Conjunct North Node: Known as the goddess of discord, Eris’s conjunction with the North Node amplifies feelings of unrest and provokes change. When Eris gets involved, she seeks to reveal hidden truths, often causing chaos in the process. This alignment could unearth suppressed frustrations, rivalries, or injustices, forcing them into the open.
  3. Semi-square to Pisces Full Moon: This aspect further intensifies emotional currents. It may bring tension between the need to act now (Aries North Node) and the more retiring need to withdraw or escape into introspection or idleness (Pisces Moon). The moon’s dreamy Piscean energy may make us feel overwhelmed or agitated by the Aries-driven urge to confront and act.

This is a time that forcibly stirs up rude awakenings, where passive reflection meets the storming demands for active retribution. Expect shocking revelations, hasty and assertive actions, and possibly a bit of chaos as suppressed truths emerge. Balancing these energies to catalyse meaningful change could be challenging, but the Virgo Sun will show us the method to bring chaos under some order.

Other Aspects

Venus Retrograde in Leo & Juno Quincunx Pisces Moon: A period of deep introspection about love and connections. Retrograde Venus in Leo examines personal value and desire, alongside a magnified focus on commitment drama with Juno. A quincunx to the dreamy Pisces Moon adds emotional complexity, requiring adaptability to align ideals with passionate realities.

Mercury Retrograde & Financial Realignment: Virgo’s retrograde Mercury teams up with strategic Pallas Athena for meticulous analysis. Trine to Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus indicates financial shifts—revisiting decisions and exploring opportunities. Mercury quincunx Chiron prompts addressing wounds amid practical evaluations, advocating for holistic healing, especially utilising the means of communication.

As Mars, the sole planet not undergoing retrograde during this period, enters Libra, brace yourself for a passive-aggressive love/hate roller coaster during this Full Moon. The tug-of-war between romantic yearnings and relationship dramas intensifies until we get to what’s real. Sexual drives oscillate from unbridled fervour to solemn introspection. Amid this, staying grounded, honest communication, and a touch of realism are vital. Transformative love experiences await us all here, balanced by mindful effort and attention to “doing the necessary work”, both inner and outer

As the Full Moon approaches, celestial currents stir controversy, urging you to pursue your deepest convictions faithfully at the mercy of possibly facing massive disputes. Sitting on the fence isn’t an option. Once again, I have crafted a personalised message for each zodiac sign [links below], offering unique insights and guidance for navigating the energies of this lunation. Read yours, both Sun Sign and Rising, and have an amazing lunation xx

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