The Leo SUN/VENUS trine CHIRON in Aries isn’t a gentle, soothing embrace; it’s a defiant roar. It challenges you to face your pain, not with soft, schmaltzy sweet caresses, but with fierce, fiery conviction.

“Although I love you, I’m not going to coddle you or hold your hand through this,” it declares.

Be bold now, OK? Have the courage to go down, deep into your wounds, confront your darkness, find strength in vulnerability. This period sure isn’t easy, but it’s not about wallowing in self-pity, either; it’s about rising, scars and all, ready to do battle again. Let the fierce love of Leo fusing with the warrior spirit of Aries fuel your healing. Stand tall. The universe has your back on this (if you got the front).

Nobody’s gonna hold your hand, nor do you wanna drag anyone. It’s each for themselves, and the healing support comes in spirit, which is excellent because fire can be illuminating, warming and purifying like nothing else. By the end of the weekend, Rx Venus forms an inferior conjunction to the SUN, this is a phenomenal time for all kinds of breakthroughs in relationships, but also breakups. If you never dare to confront the truth, to ignite the spark or face the heat, you’ll remain stuck in the same patterns. Enough with the games; this period forces raw honesty and unflinching self-reflection. Wherever you are with your relationship, know this: the fire’s already been lit, and it’s time to either surrender to the transformation or be consumed by its flames.


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