“Energetic Slump”: MARS on the SATURN/NEPTUNE

[art: Santiago Carbonell]

That glum, listless funk you’re in right now is a product of the emotional depression, pessimism, and a crippling incapacity to shake off a global energetic slump. Be it chronic or fleeting, it is a sign of the Saturn/Neptune period in Pisces, now highly charged by the Moon’s passage in this sign. Opposite this is Mars, deepening this gloom by aggravating the lugubrious ☽/♄/♆ midpoint…

Mars is an angry planet. The way he asserts himself through Virgo is through relentless reasoning, constantly finding little flaws to harp on, and though he wants to be of help, he is more likely to inhibit or complicate matters than come up with an answer to your heavy woes. Diligent, efficient and technically apt, Mars in Virgo totally lacks imagination and tends to be critical of anything that fails to show a clear, practical purpose. He can’t see feelings. Even sex and intimacy is a dry act, fraught with health concerns (manifestation of psychosomatic micro-anxieties), with an overconcern with the physical act and an absence of romantic inspiration and the subtle nuances of timing and spontaneity.

During this period, there’s a lack of energy, creative drive, and weakness, all contributing to a state of inactivity caused by emotional depression or soul-sickness. You might find it hard to be with others, particularly sexual partners. Dwelling in denial of life’s harsh, unfathomable realities can be a terrible thing. Handling this emotionally and physically depleting period requires tremendous self-awareness. Seek to find some loving support, and try to keep your chin up. You can’t fight this. All you can do to pave the way to emotional healing and a revitalised spirit is keep things as simple as possible, try to find empathy and forgiveness for those who irritate and annoy you and take good care of yourself by staying away from dissolving and undermining agents. It will pass.


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  1. Whoa. Pretty powerful.
    I picked a fine time to reach out to an old flame in an attempt to rekindle it. Ha.