The Moon is currently in the later stages of Aries, working up a fiery, feisty mood. It passes between Chiron and Eris, which are invisible to the naked eye but still have a powerful influence on our emotions. Saturn in Pisces forms a semi-square.

This can be an emotionally healing time, especially if you’ve had your sense of safety and well-being violated and struggled to stand up for yourself. Painful memories may resurface, and while you may feel resentment, sadness and frustration, it’s important not to dwell in self-pity. Bitter memories need to be processed so they can heal. It’s ok to have a little cry.

The Moon symbolises what makes us comfortable; Chiron shows us our vulnerabilities and unhealed wounds, while Eris often brings out where we’ve been scorned or denied. As the Aries Moon conjuncts Eris, who enjoys contest and rivalry, you may find it easier to channel this competitive energy in a healthy way. Try to do no harm. Best to find some alone time; challenge yourself; use the Leo Sun to do something creative.

There are serendipitous signs and synchronicities everywhere; watch closely for them as they steer you along life’s healing journey.

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