Could You Be Loved (and Be Love)?

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks since the Aquarius Supermoon at the start of August, with much frustration and, at times, things likely to turn more aggressive and potentially violent when there was no suitable channel for the highly charged energy we’ve all experienced at some point. This electrifying energy, strongly related to our desires for individuality and independence, has the potential to lead us down a path of recklessness and hostile resistance if not channelled properly. One might say they have reached their breaking point.

Many of us have felt the restless urge to break free from relentlessly outdated social restrictions, to dissent against the worn out mainstream narrative, or to reject a tired old routine corrupt with lies and distortions. Possessed by this Uranian energy, we can lose sight of our core self, railing against well-meaning inner guidance and falling prey to our wild, unconscious tendencies. It can feel like causing trouble in an empty house or screaming at the ominous stormclouds.

However, this does not have to be crazy-making. The key around this Leo New Moon is to take a breath, find balance and channel these extremely disruptive energies into positive, constructive pathways. It’s a task that requires enormous self-consciousness, accessing our individuality in a wise, responsible way. By focusing on our inner solar centre, we can allow our unique selves to shine, illuminating our lives and those around us with creativity and positive expression.

We’ve all been there, standing at the edge of a seemingly unworkable situation, dealing with impractical options or antagonistic attitudes. But we can choose to move away from the ongoing destructiveness that seems to permeate everything and step into a place of positivity. By acknowledging and releasing our inner conflicts and frustrations, we can begin to experience greater inner peace and harmony in our relationships.

Leading into the next Supermoon, we are looking to ground ourselves and let the healing take hold. Remember, fellow travellers, this is a journey that we are all taking together. Your baggage is not welcome on this bus. Do not be a victim of your own ignorance. Those ‘enemies’ you project out into the external world are often your own unresolved inner demons that are slowly consuming you from within. Unless you can own those, you cannot let them go.

Come to this place, alone, with heart wide open, ready to love and be loved by others.

By honouring the uniqueness in ourselves, we start to recognise and enjoy it in others, tapping into our heart’s emotional wellspring and conflagrating the ghosts of past resentment that still hold us back. Allow your true self to radiate real creative freedom. Nobody can stop you when you are being your utmost luminescent self; only assist you to express you those energies towards a more fulfilling path.

This is a perfect time to set those intentions. What does the new, more authentic you look like? What will you release? Reflect on these…

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  1. I like this piece a lot, especially the, “your baggage is not welcome on this bus”. Thanks!