RESTORING PUBLIC TRUST – Finding Hope in the Era of Digital Darkness

They say that “hypocrisy is a victimless crime”, and so it continues to go unpunished, usually because the perpetration and perpetuation of double standards are committed by those who say “hypocrisy is a victimless crime” – usually by those who have the gall to pass laws over others (daddy types).

Of course, the association of hypocrisy with the “daddy-type” can astrologically be attributed to the transformative influence of Pluto transiting Capricorn over these past 15-16 years. Since Pluto entered Capricorn, there’s been intensified scrutiny of authority figures and traditional power structures and the gradual exposure of instances of blatant hypocrisy concerning paternalistic or authoritative figures. By generating intense mania for status, wealth, authority, social prestige, and public entitlements, this transit has brought to light hidden flaws and inconsistencies, leading to a demand for greater accountability and authenticity from those in positions of power. While not universally applicable, the term “daddy-type hypocrisy” emerged as a way to describe this boutique manifestation of hypocrisy within the context of stern patriarchal figures during Pluto’s transit through Capricorn.

At present, it appears as if hypocrisy has reached epidemic levels, its rampant prevalence is causing catastrophic inequality and injustice. For instance, when a lawmaker or senator advocates for strict drug laws (“war on drugs”) but is later discovered to have a family/private life plagued by drug abuse, their refusal to publically address it as a personal problem undermines not only his power but the credibility of those laws. This erosion of public trust in both laws and its officials results in a loss of confidence and a broader scepticism towards ‘leadership’ and patriarchal institutions.

Top-down hypocrisy is far from victimless; it yields far-reaching consequences, negatively affecting people’s quality of life and society as a whole. It leads to an endemic, unfixable sense of unfairness within the legal system. In the digital age, the repercussions are rapid, severe and often unfixable, perpetuating an environment of iniquity that permeates society.


As Pluto approaches the end of its ambitious journey through Capricorn, the cardinal-earth sign governed by Saturn, and with Saturn currently in Pisces, we come to acknowledge the potential consequences of eroded public trust. The transition of Pluto into Aquarius, the zodiac’s most revolutionary and destabilising sign, raises humanity’s prospect of facing periods of chaos and uncertainty as governance of the physical world and all its resources come to evolve.

From my perspective as an astrologer/reader, I perceive the natural progression from Capricorn to Aquarius as a pivotal moment where we must choose between embracing new technologies to regulate and enforce social laws/codes or rejecting them altogether, leading to anarchic systems. The future systems of ‘governance’ will be either finely tuned techno-surveillance mechanisms that self-correct every individual action deemed inequitable or completely non-existent, and we will probably experience periods of both during Pluto’s long reign through Aquarius (2024-2043).

As keen observers of the more subtle shifts, we come to observe that ‘how one does anything is how they do everything,’ a guideline that provides us with valuable insights into the impeccability of their moral character and its potential to become corrupted. Signs of hypocrisy are the telltale indicators, little red flags that provide cues on how much respect we will appropriate others in our interactions. We might say that this is ‘judgemental’, but in the public world, especially in that of business, our judgement of others’ character is important. People betray themselves immensely, commonly, frequently, sometimes without knowing it. More often than not, however, they do it knowingly, assuming that others are either oblivious or complicit in their various acts of hypocrisy. This stems from a collective fear of being called out for inconsistencies in character, leading to potential social consequences like being “cancelled.”

While the Aquarian Age promises to address many of these endemic social inequities, it also challenges our inherent sense of entitlement. Although we may rightfully deserve certain social and materialistic privileges based on merit, unjustified entitlement rooted in outdated traditions and inherited prestige (due to socioeconomic class, gender, colour, creed, etc.) faces scrutiny as awareness rises. The tech age has flooded us with vast insights, leading to enormously disruptive changes since 2011-12, challenging long-standing structures and hereditary control.

In the 4D/Uranian concepts of the Aquarian Age, the focus is on the present tense, diverging from Saturn’s linear past/future-oriented 3D models. This paradigm shift challenges the traditional linear systems, its aristocratic lineages, for example and encourages us to embrace a new way of governance that aligns with the evolving consciousness.


In today’s increasingly digital (4D)/decreasingly physical (3D) landscape of consciousness-appropriation, the principle of being judged by our most recent actions holds enormous significance. The notion that “you’re only as good as your last 5 minutes” has become prevalent, particularly in the realms of our online interactions, but quickly permeating the physical sphere. Here, our reputation and social worth (status) are closely tied to our latest deeds and accomplishments (updates), a trend that is accentuated by feedback mechanisms of “likes,” “shares,” and general engagement on social media platforms.

This system of real-time assessment, however, comes with some heavy and often dark complexities. Those in control of media and platforms, for instance, have the ability to strategically employ ‘spaced-repetition,’ subtly shaping the collective mindset and amplifying specific messages. We have seen this propagandist approach reach its zenith during the Trump/Covid years (2015-2022), demonstrating the power of influencing public opinion through repetitive exposure.

Conversely, this digital culture of merit and reward has also led to a phenomenon known as ‘cancel culture,’ where individuals or ‘influencer’ accounts can be throttled, shadow-banned, or outright censored based on their latest actions or statements. This phenomenon reflects the extreme consequences that can arise from real-time accountability and the potential for sudden, swift and drastic reversals (Uranian law).

For a deeper exploration of these dynamics, I have shared my insights in a retrospective article on ‘Pluto in Capricorn,‘ where I delve more extensively into the impact of these trends and how they have unfolded during this transformative astrological period.


Pluto in the Saturn-ruled Capricorn (2008-2024) exemplifies the rise of centralised authoritarian regimes and singular points of influence and power, such as corporeal heads. However, this influence begins to diminish as Saturn continues through Pisces over the next two years, revealing a state of confusion, lies, and delusions. The authority’s grasp weakens as the Piscean transparency palpably exposes society’s widespread misconceptions, fraudulent conduct, and general incompetence, making them more visible to the public. The scenario that unfolds escalates into a series of unethical scandals and cheating, eventually rendering the 3D model unworkable and obsolete.

When Pluto finally enters Aquarius in November 2024, its dispositor shifts from Saturn to Uranus, who will be positioned in the late degrees of Taurus. This transition marks a significant shift in the astrological picture, leading to revolutionary changes as Uranus exerts its Taurus influences almost immediately.

Here is where blockchain technology comes into play. Known for its decentralised and digitally transparent nature, blockchain has the potential to revolutionise accountability on both moral and economic levels. By implementing blockchain-based systems and advanced AI computing models, a secure and immutable record of transactions and actions can be established. This technology has already demonstrated its effectiveness in various areas since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018, including the rise of reliable cryptocurrencies, improved supply chain management, financial transactions, and voting systems, where transparency and accountability are paramount.

With the shift to Uranus’ rule over Pluto in Aquarius, the administration of power undergoes a significant shift from the hierarchical structures of Capricorn to more lateral and progressive Aquarian models. This shift also transforms the mass conceptions of time, transitioning from a linear model to a more present-time focus in power administration.

Integrating blockchain into real-time accountability engenders a more trustworthy evaluation of actions, values, and reputations. The decentralised nature of blockchain ensures that no single entity has control, mitigating the influence of biases or manipulations. Each step or action recorded on the blockchain becomes a permanent and transparent entry, eliminating the possibility of alteration or removal. This newfound transparency fosters a more just and equitable system of accountability, aligning with the principles of the Uranus-ruled Aquarian Age.

More significantly, on the economic level, blockchain’s use in areas like financial transactions and supply chain management demonstrates its potential for creating a fairer and more transparent distribution of resources. By leveraging smart contracts, a blockchain-based system can automatically execute rewards or consequences based on predefined criteria, reducing human intervention, ensuring fairness in outcomes and inspiring much more enthusiasm and opportunity for people to become authentic producers of product, services, content creators or distributors.


As we can see, over the next 12-18 months, challenges loom large on the horizon. Public trust in every 3D institution is eroding as the champions of the physical world make a desperate grab for what’s left. Corruption runs rampant, leaving us questioning everything down to the very foundations of accountability. With Saturn in Pisces, legacy media and established regulatory bodies seem hesitant or unwilling to hold those in power accountable, further contributing to a sense of disillusionment and cynicism.

The increased allocation of funds into promoting more wars, famines, and epidemics appears to go unchecked, and insane acts of wealth transference continue like broad-daylight robbery, raising concerns about whether anyone truly cares for human welfare and global well-being. This prevailing lack of accountability only exacerbates these issues, creating a disheartening environment where hypocrisy and psychopathic injustices prevail. Naturally, when the path forward seems so desperate and uncertain, people descend into madness. We will see much of this utter extremity when the Aries North Node opens an incoming portal to ERIS energy (AUG-DEC).

In the coming months, as we grapple with these unprecedented complexities of global strife and universal dissent, it becomes imperative to champion a push for greater transparency, integrity, and a collective commitment to real accountability. We already possess the technology to constitute a more just and equitable system, one that is decentralised and stimulates individual endeavour (again, but truly this time). Yeah, the immediate road ahead looks arduous, heartbreaking, and even cruel at times. We need to tackle these issues head-on and work towards rebuilding public trust and dismantling the old patriarch/oligarch systemic hypocrisy.


So here, in mid-2023, in the midst of unprecedented challenges and eroding public trust, it is crucial that we embrace a future characterised by greater transparency of our structures and laws, integrity of character, and unequivocal accountability. This notion may be daunting for many of us, for we all feel somewhat entitled to certain privileges over others, and willing to act like monsters to hide or insist that these are merited. However, the emergence of blockchain technology into our currency stream is not only an inescapable future concept but ultimately offers all a decentralised and trustworthy foundation for a more just and equitable society.

In the meantime, by challenging hypocrisy, standing up to what we see as unqualified controls, engaging in personal protests where directives are unwarranted, refusing to buy toxic goods and boycotting shady services, enacting labour-striking against tyrannical or greedy employers, refusing to vote for criminals and liars, and employing civil, non-violent forms of disobedience, we learn to challenge the rusty machines of corruption and deceit. In this way, we embody the essence of ERIS, engaging in a non-war war against their war – the only fight genuinely worth having. Dismantling the old systems is difficult, but we are at the razor’s edge now. Drastic measures are necessary for rebuilding public trust. Enough with our little hypocrisies. Let us be honest, even if it is a little humbling, and stand united in the fight against instances of dishonesty and fraud, paving the way for a brighter future where authenticity and fairness prevail.

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  1. Blockchain technology is, unfortunately, about a light year away from helping to solve any problems.