REMINDER: Ignite Your Individuality

[art: john brosio]

Beware of the power dynamics at play right now. Mind games and shady tactics abound with PLUTO contra MARS and MERCURY.

An otherwise unaspected JUPITER in Taurus shows us that Faith is resilient and not easily shaken, but a semis-square from Neptune reminds us that even the most time-honoured knowledge and wisdom can be undermined.

VENUS in Leo shows that love may be resistant to change but only when rooted in genuine respect, but conjunct MARS, real hatred can persist longer than mere aversion. No good being told you’re forgiven by those around you when your past transgressions are still burning in their hearts like flickering embers.

A most frightful shift is happening, and, as history reverberates, the most significant transformations have been fueled not solely by widespread scientific and technological progress, but rather by fanatical ideologies brewing into a collective frenzy that, one way or another, when they gather into a storm have a god-awful way of propelling humanity forward.

As the North Node nears ARIES, I want to remind you to honour your individuality. Be true to yourself, and don’t let anyone else define who you should be. This is no time for indecision or uncertainty. If others can appreciate your true authentic self, your bond together will thrive exponentially. But even if they can’t, know that you must strive to earn each other’s respect and acceptance.

Seek satisfaction only in demonstrating your own unique tastes and preferences, and don’t be afraid to show the world who you truly are. Trust that your deepest passions are meaningful and worthy. Pursue them boldly, guided by your heart’s desires. Only when others can meet you in your dignity and nobility will you accept them wholeheartedly. And if not, don’t compromise your integrity or risk harm by fouling into pretence and affectations. That just will not do. Get set to ignite your individuality, let it burn brightly.

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